Sunday, April 18, 2010

a year long break from working

thats right people, its been just right at almost a year since i've had a job. of course, when you do hair... you never really stop working, my bathroom is practically a hair salon for those of you who've experienced the "bend your head over the bathtub and wash out your color" situation. its fun, i love it... but now its time to head back to the grown up world of working somewhere other than my bathroom, or kitchen table (depending on the day) -- maybe someday, i'll have a cute little salon in my house, i'll totally be channeling Steel Magnolias, oh how i love that movie!

am i excited: yes.
do i love working 3 days a week: ummm yes!!!
just enough to keep me busy.
am i ready to stand on my feet all day: ugh! this is where my bad posture really makes a difference. and i have a weird habit of tilting my head to the right, so my neck always hurts. grr! stupid bad habits!
am i super pumped to talk to people: oh yes!
do i plan to work before 10am: new town, same me. no i do not.
is my new salon super cute: of course! (for those of you in the area, i'm going to be in suite 1 at Salon Boutique, in Frisco---
Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday)
new business cards: yes, and they're cute too!

so, in the process of moving my "hair stuff" from our striped bedroom closet to the salon-- i needed to do some organizing and minimizing. so our floor looked like this:

and here are a few of my "hair things"

i love hair products, especially ones that smell good! this is my favorite shampoo, its so great for me because i'm well, not exactly, a "natural" blonde anymore... and this keeps my blonde from fading to that icky brassy color, and it smells delightful!

really and truly, i think i've got the best job in the world, i LOVE when people leave feeling great about themselves, and i'm always so filled up by good conversation! win-win!


  1. Congrats on the new salon, how fun and exciting!

  2. Yay for the new salon! Congrats! Have a Great Day!