Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the versatility of burlap

oh what would we do without Pinterest?

a friend of a friend (really? i promise i'm stopping there, there will be no mentions of cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, or so-and-so's boyfriend, its really just a friend of a friend, haha) is getting married and had mentioned wanting a "Mr & Mrs" burlap pennant sign for their table at the reception.


My friend, Abbye, and I came up with this little craft, hopefully it'll be just what she wanted :)

I think it'll be just precious for an outdoor wedding & reception!

Happy Tuesday!
cheers to pinterest projects!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

bebbeee shower

friends. i do believe we (by we i mean some of us) are in the baby shower phase of life.

who would have thought?

anyway, my precious friend Jennifer is pregnant (yay!) and Henry will be making his big debut any day now!
i figured it was high time i posted the pics from the bebeeee shower! (which was back in January)
we did hot tea, petit fours, cucumber sandwiches, fruit, and cheese & crackers
(2pm shower... after lunch, not a time for heavy food)
the petit-fours were outstanding and so cute, i forgot to get a better picture

the adorable door decor Julie made :)  

Jennifer opening presents, I was the gift writer
(note to self:  write gifts at as many baby showers as possible so you can learn what all this stuff is and not be so confused someday when Baby Swofford makes it's debut)

Jennifer & the hostesses
we love her, and baby henry!

most of the gals from our Sunday school class
(which was started as a newly-married-no-kids class....
things are quite different these days,
as we have 3 babies coming in the next days/weeks-
2nd from the left is going to have Baby Caiden in early March!!!)

I'm absolutely thrilled for the Miller's -- we have been praying for baby Henry for a long time! What a blessing he will be, any day now!!! So Excited :)
happy tuesday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


so, for valentine's day... hubby was a sweetie pie and surprised me with a new iPhone4 (woohooo!)
i've been eligible for an upgrade since last Feb, but i'm a bit resistant to change, and my previous iPhone was still working just fine (it was the original iPhone circa 2009) until.... well, it became a bit slow. and my bible app quit working because the software was more advanced than my phone--- yikes! so, new phone, new bible app. problemo solved!!!!
she's all fancy and pretty
i'm feeling a little out of my league...
truth be told, i'd still have my pink razor
if it was more functional,
i loved that phone!

anyway, moving along:
what did i get him???
well, i got him a gun for Christmas,
so i got him his CHL and class for Valentines!
(Cconcealed Handgun License)
--for those of you who aren't "gun people"
not an overly romantic gift,
but its practical and its what he wanted :)

what else have i been up to these past few months?
this: painting wedding hangers galore!
aqua + red
classic black + white
champagne + deep red
super fun: pink + green
hot pink + black
ivory + eggplant
(love those little tiny flower girl hangers)
ivory + Tiffany's blue
lavender + white
silver + magenta (for wedding party)
black + magenta (for MOB and MOG)
white + navy
white + nectar
white + gold (for MOB and MOG)
i kinda love the white + gold.... very chic!

sigh, i'm now a "regular" at the post office
but- the hangers are so fun and cute,
and i just love lining them up for pictures at the end!!!
they do take up quite a bit of my free time,
but I adore wedding details- i'm so wishing i had these for my wedding!

anyway, thats some of where i've been
and what i've been doing these past few months!
Hope you all had a fantastic V-day and felt very loved~!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

i am alive.

hello all.

i'm alive.

i took a little bloggy break, lots going all (we all know about that, dont we) and lots of changes in the swoff-house.... sigh!

i see down there (below) that my last post was in October of 2011, and its now (cough cough) February of 2012..... you might be wondering what in the world i have been doing for the last 5 months?!? well, a lot. i'd go into more detail, but its really pretty boring and i am more of a fun-motivated person, so i'll just stick with something a bit more lively!

tomorrow is one of the pinkest days of the year, which i must admit... I LOVE!!!
not to mention i've got a pretty great valentine, so i'll leave you with some lovely valentine's day related images
am i too old to wear these?
if someone could please explain why these only come in toddler sizes, i'd be much happier.... because i'm sure its just some silly issue-- and they'll be available in my size very soon! #waitingpatientlyuggmakers

what i secretly hope Cupid brings me <3

what i asked Cupid for...
but, please bring the piglet too!!!!

happy monday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


a year ago, we lost our beautiful Sherrie to breast cancer.
i miss her like crazy.

praying for a cure!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

first impressions

we've been in our house almost 2 years now, and i've been meaning to paint our front door since like... the first time we looked at the house with our realtor.

(no, not our car... neighbors, ugh!!!)
so, we bought a pretty peach/yellow "cape cod" style house
and it had this random light mocha-ish front door and shutters

yay, much better now, right?

a better view of what color the door was

almost finished

love it!!!

add a little Texas Tech wreath
(this was my first wreath-making attempt,
and i'm certainly not quitting my day job,
 but it was fun and i'll do better next time)

an assortment of red and black ribbons,
so-so for try #1 but not necessarily a keeper!

the door and shutters look much better black,
dont you think?
happy wednesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

home is where the art is

yes, i said that right.

those of you that know us, know we are pretty big Red Raider fans, woohoo Go Tech!!!
and i've got a love for the arts, its in the blood-- from both sides of my family.
so, i figure-- since we dont live in lubbock anymore, i'd bring a little bit of lubbock to our home...

{drumroll please}
this is what you see when you open the garage door to park your car...

i mean, go big or go home...right?

i painted it for husband for his "father's day" present from Coach,
i thought it would be a little happy something
for everyday when he got home from work!

and i really like it too!
Wreck 'Em Tech!!!
happy monday