Wednesday, September 29, 2010


so, i've pretty much always used concealer under my eyes... and it started getting to me that even when i didn't want to wear a lot of make-up... i still needed the concealer. ick!!!

solution: try something to help! i bought this...
physicians formula circle Rx

and the verdict: it actually works pretty well :) -- although it says it reduces the look of dark circles in two weeks, i haven't noticed that much of a difference... but i do really like the coverage, and i feel like it stays all day as long as i don't touch under my eyes a lot! so, has anyone else tried it? you like or no???

happy thursday!

ps. i always LOVE this under my eyes too, for a little sparkle!

its lovely, a nice mixture of pink and white shimmer powder (called highlighting powder) and its so great for under eyes and just the top of cheeks, plus i think it keeps my eyeliner from smearing.... maybe i just love anything that sparkles?!?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not everything turns out the way you see it in your head

and here you have it... another before and after:

yep, found this lamp at old faithful (hobby lobby)
a while back, on clearance, and i just bought it...
sometimes, you just see something and know you will need it someday, so buy it when its a great deal!!!

no, your eyes do not deceive you... the lamp was $9.00................ what????
 ugh, i know... totally awesome.
so what did i do with our good friend "clearance lamp?"

my, my... hello,
aren't you cute all painted white and chic like that.

(yes, thats my horribly embarrassing stack of golden books... yes, i know, its out of control and i'm really trying my best to stop... i realize that when your collection of golden books is taller than your nightstand, you've encountered a problem. hello, my name is jacquelyn and i buy too many golden books. thanks!)

haha! yay! the guest room is coming along quite well...
i'm working on a few more touches, pics soon!

and another b&a

white wicker armourer goes black

thanks hubby for being tall and spray painting the top for me!!!

note to readers:
spray painting wicker, not easy

after 4 cans of spray paint, it still doesn't quite look finished.... blah! i give up... its upstairs in our media room, and i finally have a place to store serving pieces, they all seem to be way too wide for our kitchen cabinets.
okay, really
the lighting is bad and it
doesn't look this horrible in person,
but it sure doesn't look awesome either.

so, word to the wise...
wicker is a pain to repaint.
proceed with caution.

this one needs another coat, and some funky shelf paper to pizzazz it up, but all in all i'm happy and it is serving it's purpose... to hold my dishes that dont fit. problem solved and problem created all at the same time. ick.

anyhoo, i've been a busy little bee...
sometimes creating marvelous things, others doing a mediocre spray paint job,
but either way, i'm at least trying to entertain with my pictures!!!
stay tuned.

happy wednesday!

zebra wall

a while back i helped our sunday school teachers re-do their daughter's bedroom for her 15th birthday. it was time for something a little more grown up! they picked out this adorable pink/cream zebra print bedding, so we painted the walls the tan color of the bedding and i did an accent wall with zebra stripes using the cream color...  its the perfect balance of neutral + funky
what do ya think???
side views:

i think its pretty schnazzy for a 15 year old :) they had her room all put together for her when she got home from vacay and walked into a whole new place... cute, huh!?!

before it was mint green with floral bedding, still cute-- sorry i forgot to get a before picture, i'm actually horrible at that, i usually get so excited to start a project i just jump right in, no picture. lame. i'm working on it.

 anyway, happy tuesday!

Monday, September 27, 2010


yes, i'm still here... although if blogger was taking attendance i'd definitely drop a letter grade or two. ick. apologies-- life happens. anyway, what have i been up to???

1) working from home rocks... WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER? seriously, i mean... seriously!!! its so relaxing and i'm able to get so much done! maybe i should get a pink salon chair?!?

2) busy busy weekend, husband's boss' were in town so we did some stuff with them, including a trip here

and an authentic oktoberfest party complete with those pictures where you stick your face through the hole, yikes! i'm lame and didnt have my camera during primo photo-op time!

3) husband made me some yummy lemon ricotta pancakes (thank you cheesecake factory for the inspiration)
4) done some thrifting and decoration,
pictures coming soon!!!

and 5) bought a super comfy new Tech shirt at Old Navy
LOVE it!!!
but, i couldnt find a pic yet on their website, so i'll share this also-oh-so-cute texas tech carpeting which is not quite as cozy as my new shirt, but still very adorable!!!

6) and we have a new show...
{drumroll please}
Boardwalk Empire
on HBO
so far, its great!

7) and The Event
we are two episodes in and its still quite confusing, but sticking with it

and i've decided to be super-cool
and watch DWTS

not gonna lie, i've never really gotten into it, but i watched last week and i really enjoyed it. so i dvr'd tonights episode to watch tomorrow!
my favorite (so far)
Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey
there is SO much personality!!!

happy monday, sry to be so MIA.
i'll work on getting my attendance up!

Monday, September 20, 2010

the greatness of $5.00 purchases

so, as promised here are the pics of my garage sale finds (literally, i only spent 20 minutes running frantically to as many sales as i could till i was insane late to work-- so i'm 100% positive that there were many more things out there that i was supposed to find, but sadly, i did not... next time, friends, next time)

this lamp, which i thought was pretty...
was also FREE.
it was one of those "either take it or it goes to goodwill" sales, which i love...
i also got a book
"the 5 people you meet in heaven"
{no picture}
and a yellow antique pitcher
-in the dishwasher, no picture either-

this little lovely was only $5.00

she will be repainted and hung somewhere in our house

and i saw this for only $5.00 and totally called it.
my cousin Jenn has one that i'm refinishing for her,
and i LOVE it-- so now i have one too!!!!

and this bookshelf, again $5.00

now, you may ask what i did with this bookshelf,
i'll show you


and, for some big news:
the reason i re-did this bookshelf,


after a few discussions, and a brave moment of truth
i've decided that i want to work from home,
and be able to pursue some other hobbies!
(furniture re-finishing, artwork, and antiques)

so, this enchanting little bookshelf is now the home for all my haircolor and supplies, so that our 2nd guest room can be transformed into a "salon" for me to work in :) i'm excited!

the closet now has all my color/combs/foil/etc..
easily accessible and organized

and in case you're wondering, this closet is also home to my artwork until they are sold on either my etsy site, or hopefully soon a booth/boutique somewhere! :) i'm thinking this is a great change that will allow me to do more of what i love doing, and still get to have my dream job (doing hair!)

 its time for me to get creative
and try some new stuff,
and have a salon at home... feeling blessed! :)

*thank you drew for being so supportive and encouraging about me branching out and exploring some new options for my hobbies, and letting our house get even more girlie with all my hair stuff, you're the best*
happy tuesday!

McKinney Madness

note to self: next time neighborhood has a community wide yard sale... wake up earlier and carry cash.

our little town threw its every-so-often "haul your crap out to the curb and have other people pay you to take it away" event... which, no lie... i LOVE. judge away people, i am all about garage sales and thrift stores, i love finding random stuff that needs a little charming tlc and becomes a one of a kind piece. our whole home is full of all my lovely finds, maybe its a phase... maybe its not... either way, i'm having a blast and being very budget friendly. cha-ching!!! i'll post pics of some of the cool stuff i retrieved asap!

wait, there's more...

so, some of you in the area may know about 3rd Monday Trade Days in McKinney (a big huge flea market shopping experience consisting of the good, bad, and some very ugly)
yes, friends... in the crazy heat i put my tennis shoes on and trucked out (literally, borrowed husbands truck) to the craziness off the side of the road.

awesome things about TMTD
(third monday trade days)
1- fair food, ugh.... all so disgusting and amazing
2- cheap stuff
3- puppies, really cute little tiny ones with bows
4- walking in the heat burns off all calories from #1
5- people watching
6- booths with lots of fans

not-so-awesome things about TMTD
1- whoever sold those 4th of july throw them down popper things to all the children, seriously... it sounded like a whole little army of 7 year olds was in battle with the ground
2- the really tacky/trashy booths
3- leaving the poor puppies
4- porta*potty (ick)
5- vendors who dont negotiate, hello? do you really want to pack it back up and take it home??? no, make a deal friend.
6- the outrageous heat
7- not being able to eat all the deliciously awful food
8- people selling internet and cell phone plans?!? seriously, its not a mall...
9- carrying your heavy purchases around
10- porta*potties, oh did i say that? still... totally gross!!!!

okay, okay... you're all just wanting to see what i got

a set of 6 gorgeous green glasses for $5.00
i adore beautiful antique glasses!!!

and, my favorite thing i've bought in a LONG time

yay!!! a screen door!!!!
i've been wanting one for a long time and i'm either not willing to pay what the store is asking, or not in a vehicle that can carry the thing... but today, price and timing were totally in my corner. and yes, i accomplished greatness... and amused quite a few people while i carried this door through the flea market to the truck (husband voted himself off the trade days island, so he was not present)
where is this going: no idea
i just wanted it.
i will do something super great with it.

and to really top off the experience,
when driving home... this silver mustang got pulled over by a state trooper,
and this just so happens to be the silver mustang who drives down our alley
its music.
its insane annoying...

did i smile when i saw the officer make the boy get out of his car and stand on the side of the road???  yes... i smiled, and if we are being completely honest ... i chuckled a vindictive chuckle.
its tacky, i know...
but does anyone else just love when the jack-hole of the neighborhood gets in deep trouble with the law, and is finally knocked down a few notches??? ha- haha- ha.

happy monday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

labor day ... better late than never

here is the super quick re-cap
 of our labor day weekend.
{yes, i know ... it was like a month ago}

1) got to see this little man and how huge he is now, cutie pie Elliot thought he was so sneaky playing with Coach's tail

Coach was tolerant,
but after a while Elliot got used to him being around,
and lost interest

2) got to eat here

mmmmm! chicken a la mer

3) visited mama at her school
(she's an art teacher)

4) visited Alexander (brother) at his school
he's a PE coach

5) did a little thrifting...
found some super cool stuff :)

6) got to LOVE on baby charlotte kate williams

she's such a cutie pie, and had a darling bedroom!!!

7) had family birthday party
{no picture, sorry -- all on mama's camera}
Thank you mama & daddy
 for a super yummy birthday dinner,
and all the fabulous presents!!!

8) went to the Llano Winery with W, DA, and Abbye
for a tour and tasting :)

useless fact: Llano Winery doesn't even use the grapes they grow on the property, they are just for testing organic growing techniques.

9) of course, Texas Tech Football
here we are about to leave for the game

Coach didnt cooperate too well

10) then to Raider Walk

this is a new tradition, it was really cool
Coach T and the fb team walk through the crowd to the stadium

**Guns Up** Coach Tuberville!!!

Abbye and I at the Frasier Alumni Pavillion

11) Game Time!!!

Red out the Jones
Tech v. SMU
{yes, we WON}
thanks again for the tickets J & L,
yall are wonderful to let us tag along

12) got to hang out with these two awesome people
and last but not least
{again, no picture... i'm a loser}
there really is just nothing better than papaswoff breakfast!

Loved being home and getting to see everyone,
sorry this post is so late!
happy sunday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guest Room Re-Do

warning: do not judge me by the pictures in this post, this room is VERY unfinished, but i wanted to share a little bit of what i was up to today... and show off my pretty new sheets (thanks for the birthday money Betty!!!) it'll all get finished up sooner or later, but here is the start...

here is the before, i LOVE the pink and green,
but i decided its time for something a little more...
well, not necessarily "grown up"-- but perhaps, "chic"
so, i painted a wall black, and then
i made this
its a tutu tuile dust ruffle!!!
it took 25 yards of tuile, but i adore it :)

with my new sheets and the comforter.

and i moved my black/white nightstand
from the other guest room into this one.

luckily i LOVE all that is black and white, so i can buy or paint things and decide depending on my mood which room they will end up in-- here is the other guest room

here is that little nightstand pre-paint
much cuter now, huh!

so, obviously i've got a lot more work to do,
but i'm off to a good start,
i'm really loving the look...
and i hope our future guests feel welcomed and comfortable!!!
happy wednesday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

top 2 tuesday

its tuesday friends, so if you wanna play along with top 2... go here!

today's topic:
Top 2 Things You Want to Accomplish Before the End of the Year.

1) get a new couch
--this one has been on the list for a while, but its taken me a long time to really figure out what is best for our house and lifestyle. i think i've got it narrowed down, but its going to be an expensive endeavor. we plan to get the carpets cleaned before the new couch comes, so its just another expense on top of a furniture purchase. ugh... its always something, isnt it?!?

this is a fufu version of what we will most likely end up with,
i never really thought we would be "leather couch" kind of people, but we do have a very large dog who from time to time has a bit of a slobber problem, i think leather may be our easy-clean option!

2) learn more cool stuff
random, i know.
but i am really interested in learning more about furniture refinishing, and possibly taking sewing lessons. i have always said i wanted a boutique someday, so perhaps its the time to start learning cool stuff to eventually put in my hypothetical boutique. i already love antiques, so i just want to expand my ability to "fancy up" other things to achieve the hodgepodge/bohemian/eeclectic look i adore!
like this:

i've got some exploring to do!
i'm sad and missing my fav magazine that is not longer in print

but i did discover this one that i'm loving

hopefully i'll have fun pictures of all my projects for everyone to check out over the next few months!

so, there you have it, two things on my list :)
happy tuesday!!!