Monday, September 13, 2010

top 2 tuesday

its tuesday friends, so if you wanna play along with top 2... go here!

today's topic:
Top 2 Things You Want to Accomplish Before the End of the Year.

1) get a new couch
--this one has been on the list for a while, but its taken me a long time to really figure out what is best for our house and lifestyle. i think i've got it narrowed down, but its going to be an expensive endeavor. we plan to get the carpets cleaned before the new couch comes, so its just another expense on top of a furniture purchase. ugh... its always something, isnt it?!?

this is a fufu version of what we will most likely end up with,
i never really thought we would be "leather couch" kind of people, but we do have a very large dog who from time to time has a bit of a slobber problem, i think leather may be our easy-clean option!

2) learn more cool stuff
random, i know.
but i am really interested in learning more about furniture refinishing, and possibly taking sewing lessons. i have always said i wanted a boutique someday, so perhaps its the time to start learning cool stuff to eventually put in my hypothetical boutique. i already love antiques, so i just want to expand my ability to "fancy up" other things to achieve the hodgepodge/bohemian/eeclectic look i adore!
like this:

i've got some exploring to do!
i'm sad and missing my fav magazine that is not longer in print

but i did discover this one that i'm loving

hopefully i'll have fun pictures of all my projects for everyone to check out over the next few months!

so, there you have it, two things on my list :)
happy tuesday!!!


  1. My in-laws have that EXACT couch. Super comfy!

  2. Love that couch! Great choice!!
    I've always thought owning a boutique would be so fun...you'd meet so many different people and be able to have fun with your creativity!! I want to learn how to sew too...I'm begging my mom to let me use her sewing machine. I've been unsuccessful so far!
    Have a great week!