Thursday, September 2, 2010


yes, sept 2 = 90210, which just so happens to be one of my all time favorite shows EVER. ooh, the good old days. i cant bear to watch the new one, for fear that it will ruin all that i hold dear in association to those prestigious numbers.
a toast to 90210.
the old school cast
and a more grown up cast
oh, to be kelly taylor.

speaking of toasts...
Yesterday to "officially" start birthday month,
sweetheart drew
came home from work with
a bottle of champagne and a pink glittery card!!!
yyaaaayyy! :)
{he sure knows how to make me feel special}

so far, birthday month
has been quite fantastic :)

and, here is my most recent creation for my etsy site
this chandelier is done entirely with
pink rhinestones!!!
now, what precious little angel is
getting this in her nursery...
little miss Charlotte Kate :)

her mommy and i have been
friends for over 10 years,
and i wanted to make "charli" something
just precious as she is!!!
i get to meet this little lady tomorrow,
and i'm just tickled pink.

i added some beads to the bottom,
 because really...
can you ever have enough dazzle???
i think not.
so, if you get a minute
stop by my etsy :)
i'll have pics of sweet baby Charlotte asap!!!

the plans for this weekend:

let the games {and the fun} begin
~Wreck 'Em Tech~


  1. I will visit your etsy site this weekend...unfortuantely it's blocked at work or I would be there now! I love what you made for Baby Cahrlotte! It's fabulous!!

  2. yay for 90210!! yay for your birthday month! and I love the pic! you did a great job!

  3. ahhh! I am designing the announcements for little miss charlotte kate! so jealous you are getting to meet her tomorrow!!

  4. Jacq!!!! Your creativity knows NO bounds! I LOVE the pink, rhinestone chandelier. Holy moly! Only YOU could create something SO fun and fabulous. Someone's birthday is THIS Sat!! WOOHOO! Love to you!