Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not everything turns out the way you see it in your head

and here you have it... another before and after:

yep, found this lamp at old faithful (hobby lobby)
a while back, on clearance, and i just bought it...
sometimes, you just see something and know you will need it someday, so buy it when its a great deal!!!

no, your eyes do not deceive you... the lamp was $9.00................ what????
 ugh, i know... totally awesome.
so what did i do with our good friend "clearance lamp?"

my, my... hello,
aren't you cute all painted white and chic like that.

(yes, thats my horribly embarrassing stack of golden books... yes, i know, its out of control and i'm really trying my best to stop... i realize that when your collection of golden books is taller than your nightstand, you've encountered a problem. hello, my name is jacquelyn and i buy too many golden books. thanks!)

haha! yay! the guest room is coming along quite well...
i'm working on a few more touches, pics soon!

and another b&a

white wicker armourer goes black

thanks hubby for being tall and spray painting the top for me!!!

note to readers:
spray painting wicker, not easy

after 4 cans of spray paint, it still doesn't quite look finished.... blah! i give up... its upstairs in our media room, and i finally have a place to store serving pieces, they all seem to be way too wide for our kitchen cabinets.
okay, really
the lighting is bad and it
doesn't look this horrible in person,
but it sure doesn't look awesome either.

so, word to the wise...
wicker is a pain to repaint.
proceed with caution.

this one needs another coat, and some funky shelf paper to pizzazz it up, but all in all i'm happy and it is serving it's purpose... to hold my dishes that dont fit. problem solved and problem created all at the same time. ick.

anyhoo, i've been a busy little bee...
sometimes creating marvelous things, others doing a mediocre spray paint job,
but either way, i'm at least trying to entertain with my pictures!!!
stay tuned.

happy wednesday!

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