Saturday, January 30, 2010

2nd meanest cat in lbk

thats right folks, once upon a time after a traumatic grooming experience, my mother was told never to bring Fluffy Jo Camp back to Resa's K9 salon unless she was sedated, because she is the ...drumroll please, SECOND MEANEST CAT IN LUBBOCK! My oh my! We all knew that Fluffer-doodle was a bit moody, didnt care for riding in the car, and in the event that another pet was brought home... she left for a week to make sure we knew that she disapproved-- but really, the second meanest??? I assume the first is that tiger that lives out on Indiana, but we never verified those facts. Anyway, turns out that she has a soft spot in her little heart-- not for Ford Diesel, who is no longer with us (not dead,-- but thats for another post) and well, she tolerates Coach, but really this soft spot is for the new little member of the family, Coco Picasso. Gasp!!! No worries friends, as of yet she has shown no agression to little Coco, but it could be just an undercover operation to get in behind enemy lines and have herself a gourmet meal when no one suspects it. I would expect it from her when she was 12, but at the ripe age of 18 her dental situation (teeth) are not what they once were, so Coco's life is probably safe..... but then there is always that issue with cats-- they're shady! So, here is the infamous Fluffy and her new colorful compadre Coco. And-- speaking of gourmet treats, little Coco has taken to the ways of his father and regularly partakes from the silver can we all know and love, yes, Coco drinks. Little Coco is on its way to being a full fledged diet dr. pepper a-holic. No judgement here, we all have our vices. Cheers Coco!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

maybe in my next closet...

Oh how i would love to have a pink tufted sofa in my closet, i know that sounds completely unreasonable, but i just adore them. But i'm one of those people who truly adores her clothes and shoes, i have every intention of fully decorating my closet asap! I can tell you where i purchased every single dress, and where i wore it, and there is generally a story. I just have so many memories with my clothes and shoes, the closet is my little piece of heaven. So, cheers to my dreams for the future closet de la jacquelyn (thats french for something along the lines of "my closet" i believe, if not it sounds fancy)
Lovely arent they???
A girl can dream right?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember this Holly Jo??? When we went on our girls cruise to Cozumel in November we paid some random guy $10 to take pictures with his parrots, who knew that Mama would be acquiring a baby parrot of her own in just a couple months. This is a very large version of Coco Picasso, but a colorful parrot nonetheless! Prophecy much?!? haha, anyway, mama got a new car yesterday and has bluetooth hooked up, and she calls me when she is driving home from school and i can hear little Coco chirping in his/her travel cage. very cute! So, lets all raise our glasses and toast to Coco-- maybe i could take him/her to the mall and charge $10 for the children to take pictures with him/her????? any takers? btw-- you have to do blood work to find out what sex the green cheeked conuers are, so thats why Coco is a him/her... we dont know- i'm not being hateful, i promise! cheers Coco!

wednesday project

I had originally planned on painting our bedroom today, but i cant actually move our king sized bed by myself, so i think that project is going to have to wait for a day when Drew is home to help! Anyway, i went with "plan b'' for my Wednesday project to tackle: fun organization in the laundry room! I wanted something a little bit geometric and contemporary looking, while still functional, so this is what i came up with! My little laundry room is rapidly becoming a room of adorableness!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wish List

I've come to realize that decorating to your taste and decorating with your lifestyle are TWO completely different things... in a perfect world my house would be done in head to toe black and white damask, and each room a different color. obviously, since i dont live alone in this lovely house, thats not how the decor happened. LOL. anyway, here are just a few things that at some point in time or another i would LOVE to have... or perhaps i just think they are cool and i would never really want them in my home. is it weird that i look at furniture and think "is this great dane friendly?" haha! love my Coach! enjoy!
#1 black walls, love them!
#2 this cute shelf from Hobby Lobby, i'm hoping this shows up for me for Valentine's Day!
#3 a wall full of bevelled glass antique mirrors, so far i have 2 -- and they're lovely!
#4 a pink stove, never going to happen but hey a girl can dream!!!

This is lovely.

In addition to the "A tribute to..." posts in this blog, I'll be sharing pictures and ideas of "Things I Love" so here we go.

I keep a file on our computer of decorating ideas that i have, some that are reasonable and inspirational, others just interesting and i never plan on using. I ran across this picture online, i think its so great looking. I'm very non-symmertrical in my decorating taste, so this arrangement is right up my alley. And of course, it involves dishes, as much as you say you will never turn into your mother.... low and behold, I'm hanging dishes on my wall and my mother is oh so very proud, i'm sure! you like this dont you, Holly Jo??? so, little by little i'll be collecting funky plates to hang somewhere, not sure where yet... but hopefully it will look similar to this! (probably in a black and white color scheme, rather than pink-- andrew prefers the pink to be less dominant)

what i've been up to...

other than decorating the house, i've been doing a little painting -- and listed my artwork on etsy.com (its a website that hosts sellers of handmade items or vintage things, its cute) so here is a little peek at some things i've created, or you can check out my etsy at http://www.passionatelypink.etsy.com/

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Tribute to....

thats right folks, its time for another tribute to one of my favorite things in life: Papa Murphy's Pizza! hooooorrrrraaayyyy!
i must admit, the fact that there is a Papa Murphy's near our new house (at 423 and Eldorado) makes me feel much better about living in the "boonies" as we like to call our neighborhood. Actually we dont really live far from civilization, it just feels far because there are horses near us. Back to pizza. This pizza, the chicken bacon artichoke delite is DELIGHTFUL, and that is an understatement! Its just a great mixture of healthy and delicious, and ready when you are. AND-- thanks to Alexander we now have a replacement pizza cutter for the one that was broken in the move, please tell me how of all things the pizza cutter gets broken in the move, not mirrors or furniture or dishes, the pizza cutter??? oh well, so.... raise your glasses and toast with me: to papa murphys pizza, the ever convenient, always delicious, one of a kind creator of my all time favorite pizza, cheers to you!

why do people shake poloroids?

well, i dont know the answer to that question. its a good one though. we are creatures of habit, i suppose. anyway, in the same area, differnt aspect... andrew and i were asked to participate in a photo shoot on saturday! oh what fun! Shan Renee http://www.shanrenee.com/ and Braeden Rogers http://www.ambient11.com/ were the photographers, they were so fun! They did this session in order to essentially "do what they wanted" since usually they get paid to do what their clients want, this was to keep them sharp, work on new poses, try new things, and mostly have some fun! The shoot was at the old cotton gin in McKinney http://www.mckinneycottonmill.com/ which was HUGE and oh so great for taking pictures. it was a great mix of old warehouse with modern ammenities, very cool. so, we did an hour with each photographer and i'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures edited and finished, but Braeden put a few up on facebook, "teasers" as he calls them just to peak the interest.... so here are a couple of ours. i havent seen Shan's yet.... different outfit, totally different style, really looking forward to them!
as you can tell, braeden is really into using natural light--
andrew was so sweet to tag along, this is really really not his thing, but you know me... i'm all about getting done up and any reason to put on fake eyelashes is good enough for me. PLUS- we get the negatives and the session was free! wow! not often do you get great photographers to do work for free, i'm beside myself! so, thank you andrew-- you're a sweet husband and a real trooper!
another fun thing: another couple that was asked to "model" was a friend of mine from back in the day at nine30 and paradigm, Jenna Mountain and her husband Blaine-- we all had lots of mutaul friends, it was good seeing them again. Shan had a wedding dress and it fit Jenna perfectly, so she and Blaine were the "bride and groom" all over again--well just for the sake of pictures! Shan had a super wild "bridesmaids" dress that i wore, it was black with hot pink tuile underneath, very funky... jenna and i jokes around that i was her "maid of honor"...oops, matron now i guess! anyway, all in all it was a fun event, and hopefully we will get some cool pictures out of the deal.

Friday, January 15, 2010

who says you cant decorate the laundry room?

i decided that not only will i paint the laundry room bright "tiffany's blue" i shall also make it fun and festive with awesome decorations! I made this collage with all shades of blue, and an assortment of blue items, very fun. the tassel has tiffany's blue strands in it as well, they show up better in person. Monica gave me the super adorable "all because two people fell in love" hanging plaque (its from Hodgepodge, love love love Hodgepodge) and the super cool round contraption is actually a plate charger, found it on clearance at Target a long time ago... finally found a place for it! And, last but not least.... a picture of daddy and me! I realize that you all are not blind, and dont need a play by play description, but every item has a story, and i've got nothing but time, so you will hear my stories!!! Ta-Da, the decorating of the laundry room has begun.... off to a good start, i think!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4th coat of black paint

on the kitchen cabinets, that is. my parents got us knobs for the kitchen for Christmas, so before we (andrew) put them on, we (me) gave the cabinets a quick once over of paint, to touch up some of the places they've been bumped and scratched. We actually cook almost every night of the week, so our kitchen gets tons of use-- and the wear and tear comes with the territory, i'm really hoping that the knobs will help keep the cabinets in better shape! Thanks mom and dad, i never in my life though i'd be excited about getting knobs and pulls- oh how things change as you grow up!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello 2010

I'm a little late, but here are a few pics from NYE 2009. Good friends, good memories, goodbye 2009, moivng on-- but hopefully not moving again, LOL. So, we got all dolled up (well, I got dolled up, andrew put on non-work dress clothes) and headed over to Matt & Gretchen's apt for a little while. They headed out to dinner, and we headed over to meet Peter and Olivia at the Barnardo's House for a NYE party. Andrew used to work with Frank at Ferguson. They were so sweet! A beautiful home, enough people to have fun, but not too many, and an hour into the party all the girls kicked off their shoes. LOVELY NIGHT! We all had kazoo's and yelled the countdown, then shot off fireworks in the front yard (brrrr cold) -- i'm not entirely sure it was legal to do fireworks in the yard, but hey... cops have bigger problems to worry about than semi-mature grown adults with jobs and mortgages shooting off firecrackers---- i'm flashing back to the time we saw someone driving the wrong way down 114 into oncoming traffic. gretchen...remember? yes, cops should deal with things like that.

Anyway, my new years resolution is to paint our bedroom silverish/grey. I got really tired of not achieving my NYResolutions, apparently i'm better with short term goals, so hopefully this one can actually get done. If it doesnt, i'm pathetic!

REALLY though, the biggest accomplishment of NYE was that Coach got one last chance to stay inside the house and not eat a bed, or pudding, or Gray's Anatomy Season 2..... and he did wonderfully :) hooooraaay! Treats for Coach!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Never Too Many...

Clocks! Nope, they go everywhere! Always in style, always functional, clocks are decorating necessities! I got this beautiful one for Christmas from Mama & Daddy-- and as it turns out, HJ liked it so much, she got the same one! I'm slowly but surely finishing small touches in each room, but of course... it will never all get done! So, welcome out of moving boxes, my peacock wreath and doorknob peg, tassles, and the new clock!!! Ta-da :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pirate Food

I decided to put pictures of our bowl game food up before the game, while its still pretty and just in case the outcome isnt in favor of TTU, i'm still excited and optomistic! So, here's the spread... potato chips and sourcreamranchbaconbits dip, tortilla chips and salsa, pretzels, fiddle faddle, bbq weenies, and Olivia is bringing "texas caviar" which is black eyed peas, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and an assortment of other things. We had this yummy "texas caviar" on NYE at the party we went to with Peter & Olivia, it was so good, Olivia and I got the recipe and decided to have it again for the *keep your fingers crossed* Tech Victory! Complete with the red/black napkins, plates, and silverwear... (very festive) I got lots of deli meat and cheese, and we're having sandwitches, snicks and snacks, and watching the bowl game :) should be a fun night, filled with lots of Leach vs. James comments, Wreck 'Em TECH!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

White Christmas Eve...

How often do you wake up to a "white Christmas" or even a "white Christmas Eve"??? It was truly beautiful. Adam was up to feed the twins at 5:30am and texted Andrew that there was snow everywhere... it is so beautiful before cars drive on it! Coach knew the drill, he walked right out and did his business and came right back in, but little Ford.... oh boy, he had to explore! Coach is not one to be inconvenienced with cold or wet paws, but we managed to get him outside to play for a few pictures! Here are the boys playing in the snow!