Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello 2010

I'm a little late, but here are a few pics from NYE 2009. Good friends, good memories, goodbye 2009, moivng on-- but hopefully not moving again, LOL. So, we got all dolled up (well, I got dolled up, andrew put on non-work dress clothes) and headed over to Matt & Gretchen's apt for a little while. They headed out to dinner, and we headed over to meet Peter and Olivia at the Barnardo's House for a NYE party. Andrew used to work with Frank at Ferguson. They were so sweet! A beautiful home, enough people to have fun, but not too many, and an hour into the party all the girls kicked off their shoes. LOVELY NIGHT! We all had kazoo's and yelled the countdown, then shot off fireworks in the front yard (brrrr cold) -- i'm not entirely sure it was legal to do fireworks in the yard, but hey... cops have bigger problems to worry about than semi-mature grown adults with jobs and mortgages shooting off firecrackers---- i'm flashing back to the time we saw someone driving the wrong way down 114 into oncoming traffic. gretchen...remember? yes, cops should deal with things like that.

Anyway, my new years resolution is to paint our bedroom silverish/grey. I got really tired of not achieving my NYResolutions, apparently i'm better with short term goals, so hopefully this one can actually get done. If it doesnt, i'm pathetic!

REALLY though, the biggest accomplishment of NYE was that Coach got one last chance to stay inside the house and not eat a bed, or pudding, or Gray's Anatomy Season 2..... and he did wonderfully :) hooooraaay! Treats for Coach!

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