Sunday, January 17, 2010

why do people shake poloroids?

well, i dont know the answer to that question. its a good one though. we are creatures of habit, i suppose. anyway, in the same area, differnt aspect... andrew and i were asked to participate in a photo shoot on saturday! oh what fun! Shan Renee http://www.shanrenee.com/ and Braeden Rogers http://www.ambient11.com/ were the photographers, they were so fun! They did this session in order to essentially "do what they wanted" since usually they get paid to do what their clients want, this was to keep them sharp, work on new poses, try new things, and mostly have some fun! The shoot was at the old cotton gin in McKinney http://www.mckinneycottonmill.com/ which was HUGE and oh so great for taking pictures. it was a great mix of old warehouse with modern ammenities, very cool. so, we did an hour with each photographer and i'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures edited and finished, but Braeden put a few up on facebook, "teasers" as he calls them just to peak the interest.... so here are a couple of ours. i havent seen Shan's yet.... different outfit, totally different style, really looking forward to them!
as you can tell, braeden is really into using natural light--
andrew was so sweet to tag along, this is really really not his thing, but you know me... i'm all about getting done up and any reason to put on fake eyelashes is good enough for me. PLUS- we get the negatives and the session was free! wow! not often do you get great photographers to do work for free, i'm beside myself! so, thank you andrew-- you're a sweet husband and a real trooper!
another fun thing: another couple that was asked to "model" was a friend of mine from back in the day at nine30 and paradigm, Jenna Mountain and her husband Blaine-- we all had lots of mutaul friends, it was good seeing them again. Shan had a wedding dress and it fit Jenna perfectly, so she and Blaine were the "bride and groom" all over again--well just for the sake of pictures! Shan had a super wild "bridesmaids" dress that i wore, it was black with hot pink tuile underneath, very funky... jenna and i jokes around that i was her "maid of honor"...oops, matron now i guess! anyway, all in all it was a fun event, and hopefully we will get some cool pictures out of the deal.

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