Wednesday, June 30, 2010


yes yes, friends... last night was the premier of eclipse, and our friend julie had two extra tickets to the 3 part premier (twilight, new moon, and eclipse) so, jordan and i happily agreed to join the madness!

**i'd like to let everyone know that yes, i have read the twilight books. yes, i enjoyed them. am i a twi-hard? (as E! calls twilight fans) ... no, not really. no hate to those of you who adore all that is "twilight" -- i just enjoy twilight simply as books and movies... rather than an obsession. i'm not team edward or team jacob... i'm actually Team Andrew-- cause my sweet husband is way more awesome than either of them, and ta-da he is not a vampire or a wolf... always a bonus. **

all that said, when the girls in our group busted out some stickers... i just had to go all out. all the other ladies took one sticker, and i wanted 4... i mean, come on... i had to out-twi the twi-hards!!!
Julie, myself & my stickers, and Jordan

eventually i narrowed the sticker collection down to just one,
i made some 9-year-olds very jealous
with my awesome collection of twilight paraphernalia :)

Jordan and I poked fun and laughed at how seriously everyone was taking these movies, but it was still fun. not gonna lie, eclipse didn't premier till midnight, so getting home at 3am after dropping everyone off was something i've not done in quite some time! haha... if only the stickers could make me younger!!!

props to the movie people,
the movies get better each time,
the acting......... no comment.
my favorite characters: Alice & Charlie
oh, and i way love Dakota Fanning as a vampire, she's super adorable!

i really think the greatest part of the whole night was how many poor guys got stuck participating in the Twilight-ness! brave souls. i have a feeling that the guy with the pink mowhawk was there willingly and enthusiastically! good times people, good times!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

could you become a vet instead of a nurse?

--j&jmiller, i hope you're laughing at my title--

 have we only been home from vacation a week?
how does it happen that as soon as you're back, you get slammed with a busy schedule? on top of work, laundry and general chaos... Coach got sick!

 -its not pretty, i'll spare you all the details, he had an upset tummy- on the floor, 3 days in a row- so Coach took a visit to the vet, with a great dane sized price tag to get his "potty-situation" under control.  11 pills a day and new bag of science diet "hospital" food for a week, he should be back in tip top shape! ick! poor little guy, he lost 8lbs and looks all gangly again. back to trying to thicken him up!
here we are watching the saturday night fireworks show, Coach did much better with the fireworks this year (last year, he was scared to death and drew had to take him back inside, boo!)

friday night our sweet friends Tommy & Jennifer (tommy was a groomsman in our wedding) came to visit us! they're so fun & easy going, we like when they pop into town! we met for dinner at Maggianos, yuuummmm! then we spend all saturday in pj's-- how fun is that? (that explains my wardrobe above) then our neighborhood did their fireworks show on sat night, which is cool, cause i love fireworks, so now i get them two weekends in a row, waaahhhoooooo!

did i mention that tommy and jennifer are expecting a baby?!? little Matthew Aaron Tritz is going to be gracing the world with his presence sometime in mid-september :) this was "MAT's" first fireworks, awww!
thanks again for coming to visit Tommy & Jennifer and baby Matthew!
we are so looking forward to meeting the little man, he will be here before we know it!
more weekend pictures to come!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

39 little golden books

have i mentioned to y'all that i collect little golden books? well... i do. its a pretty recent thing, but such a fun hobby! i just love them, they remind me of my childhood :)
the 39 i found today!

since i've been on vacation, today was the first day in a long time (okay, really just 2 weeks) i've had the time to hit up my favorite thrift stores, yay! and sure enough, i found 39 little golden books-------- oooh happy day! (read/sing that in your head gospel style)

these are my 2 favorites of today
love barbie, love cookie monster.

here is my entire collection thus far...
i did not count how many i have total-- any guesses?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hershey's syrup curtains

back before swofford family vacation, my sweet mama came to visit and help me sew kitchen curtains. okay, well i mostly kept her company, and she did an awesome job. here is our kitchen before we bought the house, previous owners table/decor.
and, here is what we see now!

arent they gorgeous?!?
they look yummy like chocolate syrup :)
I just LOVE them, we picked the fabric over spring break this year (love Childress fabric store: locations in Frisco & Addison if you're fabric hunting)

how did we do this you may ask?
1. secret mama talent- the woman knows everything!
2. call for reinforcements
i was lucky to have my sweet friends Jennifer and Jordan come over and help sew loops on the back of the curtains (you use the loops to gather from behind, thus creating the "balloon" effect-- each curtain had 36 loops, so 108 loops total. it was quite hysterical, but i think we ended up really having fun) Thank you girls for all your help, i owe you both big time!
i am so thrilled with them, i think they made a huge difference in the room.
thank you again mama, you're the best!

Monday, June 21, 2010

daddy day

happy late father's day to my daddy (GB) and my sweet father-in-law (Duane)-- you both are wonderful men! ... and to Coach Tchoupitoulas, who is a daddy too (bet you didnt know that...ha)
drew and i enjoyed so much getting to spend time and celebrate our dads!

Here is Alexander, kitty, Daddy, and me on Father's Day!
(kitty is new at my parents house! how cute!!!)

yummy father's day lunch!
Menu: ribeyes, mashed potatoes, cream corn, and spinach strawberry salad
mmm mmm, good!

the scoop:
yes, coach had "a relationship" with a lady dane, and they... well, you know. anyway, puppies happened.

apparently this broad was not a fit mother, because she started eating (how awful is that?) her puppies, and my sweetie pie coach got one away from her and protected him in a corner. he never let her near the puppy and i'm sure was just the best great dane daddy there ever was. his previous owner had to bottle feed the puppy till he could eat puppy food, cause mom wouldnt nurse.
--anyhoo, long story short, when we adopted coach, the family that had him had to give away the female, the baby dane, and our man all in the same day. he was a marine, and his family was moving into government housing while he was gone to the middle east, no pets allowed. how sad to give up so much, we feel truly blessed to have our sweet coach.
Coach was treated to leftover ribeyes, which my daddy gave him on a china plate (mama was a bit horrified, i mean, its Lenox?!?)

Father's Day Lunch, Drew & Coach

Friday, June 18, 2010

place your bets

hey hey! yesterday we spent the day at the horse races! the weather was gorgeous, the horses were beautiful, the races were fun, and there was concession stand food (oh how i love me a hot dog) all in all, great day!
that horse behind the #2 horse... #3, who is acting a bit fiesty and causing a ruckus, well he was my pick. everyone thought i was wrong, but guess who came in 2nd place? yep... #3.
-- i know i know, 2nd place is just the FIRST loser,
but, still....
i thought he did great and i liked him.

is there some kind of trick that when you put money on a horse then it knows to scratch? kinda felt like that after the first race :( oh well, it was a blast and i got a hot dog and a frito pie! woohoo!
happy friday to everyone!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a gift from the golf course

yesterday on vacation, the men-folk went golfing, and little dude found this for me! how cute is that?
a PINK golf ball, perfection!

i even got a golf lesson out of the deal, he took this picture of me

then, most of us headed to the out-of-doors for a little walk before dusk, this is the view, pretty huh?!?
and what would a walk be without deer sightings?

i was a brave soul wondering near this wild deer, all for the sake of pictures on the blog. there were actually two, but i didnt get a good shot of both of them together. a nice walk followed by a game of Mexican Train, in which Lisa beat all our boootaays. good times!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

100th post

woohoo, its my 100th post! high five to me for sticking with this whole blogging thing! and thanks to you all for reading all my random ramblings, i hope if nothing else i've entertained.

vacation update: i didnt get these posted on sunday, but here are the pics from our girls shopping day

Betty & Lisa
Allison & yours truly
anyway, more vacay pics!
mental picture: this is bro-in-law Jason on the left, myself on the right, and handsome hubby back yonder... i'll just go ahead and pat myself on the back because right after this pic was taken i zoomed, yes in a go-kart, zoomed right on by Jason and won the race.
i might have been fibbing about winning at putt-putt, but me kicking bro-in-laws booootay at go-karts is 100% fact. kudos to my dad for giving me the speeding gene and crazy driving skills!
now, the bumper boats:
alright lets face it... it appears that i picked the boat that was pink and then took off to spin circles. thats how i roll, or well i this case, float. but do NOT be deceived, these particular bumper boats had water cannons, and i may or may have participated in the "swofford drenching 2010"

am i in this pic? no, i'm way off in left field planning my attack. is this smart? No. i should have been hunting for a white flag, because lets just say... bro-in-law got his revenge from the go-karts. we all drove home completely soaked, and it was outrageous fun. i highly recommend behaving like a child asap!

Monday, June 14, 2010

"is THAT what you're wearing?"

since saturday, drew & i have been on a family vacation to Ruidoso, NM with drew's fam... anyhoo, we decided this fine monday evening to go play putt-putt and ride some go-karts... so i get changed and walk out to leave and "little dude - landon" says to me with horror and disgust "is THAT what you're wearing?" --- my jaw drops?!? bless his little heart, even when he is being mean he is a cutie petutie! lol, everyone else thought it was very funny, i guess the little guy was disturbed by me wearing a long sleeved shirt.... hey, it gets chilly at night here???

i recovered, and we all played a little mini-golf. we ended up not keeping score after a while, so i vote that i won. and since this is my blog and no one is here to argue with me, all of you lovely peeps will just have to take my word for it. haaaaaa!
Jason & Lisa
Duane & Betty

Landon (aka- mr. what-not-to-wear)
yep, that outfit is downright disturbing.

look how cute hubby is, he was much better than me!

hope everyone is having a lovely week! go-kart pics coming soon :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

two cute!

here is drew with Addison (L) and Audrey (R) when they were just a month old, so cute! Then, here he is with them at 14 months, Audrey (L) and Addison (R)
our sweetie pie goddaughters (and their parents, kim & adam) came to visit us over memorial day weekend. my goodness how they have grown!
here is Audrey with her yummy cheesecake, it was the girls first visit to The Cheesecake Factory!
i think they like cheesecake!
and a little ride on the merry-go-round

and some pool time, Addison is in the blue polka dots suit, and Audrey in the pink! Arent they adorable?!?
and of course, presents...
i found them these darling pink puff bows, and cute sundresses!!! Addison wanted to hold the bow, Audrey was into wearing it... you never can tell with kiddos!
we love our goddaughers!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

red + orange + blue

yesterday i dropped by Jen's house to do a little more accessorizing to her nook. other than a candle here and there--and this darling collage of leaves that sweetie pie sophia made her mommy hung up right under the vent, i think its pretty much done. what do y'all think?
close up's of all my decorating finds:
(yeah, really... could i take a blurrier picture?) i'm loving all the vintage accents, Jen is so cool and open to all my crazy ideas!
and my favorite: these super fabulous lamps (w/o shades, yep) that i spray painted ... i'm thinking i need to find a place for some of these in my casa, cause i love the shapes!!!
--how fun is Jen's house now??? yay, love it!

happy wednesday.