Sunday, June 27, 2010

could you become a vet instead of a nurse?

--j&jmiller, i hope you're laughing at my title--

 have we only been home from vacation a week?
how does it happen that as soon as you're back, you get slammed with a busy schedule? on top of work, laundry and general chaos... Coach got sick!

 -its not pretty, i'll spare you all the details, he had an upset tummy- on the floor, 3 days in a row- so Coach took a visit to the vet, with a great dane sized price tag to get his "potty-situation" under control.  11 pills a day and new bag of science diet "hospital" food for a week, he should be back in tip top shape! ick! poor little guy, he lost 8lbs and looks all gangly again. back to trying to thicken him up!
here we are watching the saturday night fireworks show, Coach did much better with the fireworks this year (last year, he was scared to death and drew had to take him back inside, boo!)

friday night our sweet friends Tommy & Jennifer (tommy was a groomsman in our wedding) came to visit us! they're so fun & easy going, we like when they pop into town! we met for dinner at Maggianos, yuuummmm! then we spend all saturday in pj's-- how fun is that? (that explains my wardrobe above) then our neighborhood did their fireworks show on sat night, which is cool, cause i love fireworks, so now i get them two weekends in a row, waaahhhoooooo!

did i mention that tommy and jennifer are expecting a baby?!? little Matthew Aaron Tritz is going to be gracing the world with his presence sometime in mid-september :) this was "MAT's" first fireworks, awww!
thanks again for coming to visit Tommy & Jennifer and baby Matthew!
we are so looking forward to meeting the little man, he will be here before we know it!
more weekend pictures to come!

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  1. Love the title! I'm not sure I could put up with him being in school long enough to be a vet now though! haha