Tuesday, June 15, 2010

100th post

woohoo, its my 100th post! high five to me for sticking with this whole blogging thing! and thanks to you all for reading all my random ramblings, i hope if nothing else i've entertained.

vacation update: i didnt get these posted on sunday, but here are the pics from our girls shopping day

Betty & Lisa
Allison & yours truly
anyway, more vacay pics!
mental picture: this is bro-in-law Jason on the left, myself on the right, and handsome hubby back yonder... i'll just go ahead and pat myself on the back because right after this pic was taken i zoomed, yes in a go-kart, zoomed right on by Jason and won the race.
i might have been fibbing about winning at putt-putt, but me kicking bro-in-laws booootay at go-karts is 100% fact. kudos to my dad for giving me the speeding gene and crazy driving skills!
now, the bumper boats:
alright lets face it... it appears that i picked the boat that was pink and then took off to spin circles. thats how i roll, or well i this case, float. but do NOT be deceived, these particular bumper boats had water cannons, and i may or may have participated in the "swofford drenching 2010"

am i in this pic? no, i'm way off in left field planning my attack. is this smart? No. i should have been hunting for a white flag, because lets just say... bro-in-law got his revenge from the go-karts. we all drove home completely soaked, and it was outrageous fun. i highly recommend behaving like a child asap!

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