Friday, April 29, 2011

over the top

as some of you know, i've been working on my crafty room (its our upstairs media room, which we will never use as a media room... so i've taken over!-- see more here)

soooooooooooo--- here are the pictures -- it is absolutely UNFINISHED, and i'm sure i'll be tweaking and changing it over time, but i couldnt resist :) enjoy!

the people who lived here before us used this as a bedroom

woohoo! who doesnt love a leopard print wall?!?

i found this dining room table at a thrift store for $23
so, i painted her up a beautiful bright pink
and did a fabric collage on top!

i added some pom-pom trim to the underneath,
and maybe a few rhinestones on the legs
(really, is there such a thing
as "too much" for a craft room?
i think not!)

the top!
I used lots and lots of fabric to collage the top, then after numerous coats of glue, poured a lacquer over it to make it shiny and hard! (and, there is glitter sprinkled into the lacquer-woohoo)

how fun is that?!?
i used a product that you mix two parts together and it forms the ultra-durable finish,
you can find this at Hobby Lobby
it took 3 coats of this lacquer, and probably needs 1-2 more to be as thick and smooth as i want it! its quite the ordeal, but it looks so different than anything else i've ever seen!

i painted this little nightstand to hold my gift wrap accessories,
i plan to change the knobs soon!

and, my darling little collection of salt and pepper shakers
which will hold glitter and beads!

i love it, i love having a place to go and create!
happy "royal wedding" friday!
i'm watching it right now and loving every moment,
what a beautiful bride Kate makes!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

hippity hop

we had a wonderful Easter weekend, did y'all ??? i hope so!
husband's parents came in town to spend the holiday with us, we had a good time with them!

we did the Easter service at church, then came home to a fantastic meal of
-devilled eggs
-spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts (balsamic dressing)
-ginormous pork chops (literally y'all 3 inches thick, yum!)
-twice baked potatoes
-cream of asparagus soup (aunt carol's recipe-- amazing!)
-green bean bundles (drenched in red wine vinegar, so delicious)
-fresh rolls
and... Jennifer's gorgeous Easter cake!
its so fabulous, she did an excellent job making a carrot garden!

here are the rest of the pics!!!

i decorated the table with an assortment of greens and blues

i made place card holders out of plastic eggs and clothespins
and Jennifer brought her adorable green/blue floral napkins
 and bunny napkin rings-- how cute are those!?!

Drew's parents

our sweet friends Jonathan and Jennifer
(we spent Easter with them last year too!)

and what Easter would be complete without the family picture:
and a few additional pictures,

it was a cloudy day, but the sun was weirdly bright
hence the strained faces

my precious boys!

Coach and mommy!
I wish i would have gotten him a cute pastel collar for spring,
 but we are a bit limited in selection for his size collar. sigh!

and the post dressy clothes, more comfy picture

i hope each of you had a blessed Easter and were surrounded with good friends/family, good food, and a great reminder of how lucky we are to have a risen savior!!!
happy monday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Lily Rose!

This post is forever late, but I was waiting until i had a picture of both Drew and me holding baby lily-- so better late than never!

She is here! and she is beautiful :)
she is the teensy-tiniest little pink thing,
and she spit up while i was holding her
--not a drop on me--
a girl after my own heart!!!

i didnt get a picture of our first meeting,
but i did grab one of her super thrilled
mommy and daddy
(mom looks fabulous btw)
The precious family!!!
big sis Sophia was at school,
but i'm pretty sure she is loving her new baby sis!

drew holding sweet lily

big sis sophia was there on this visit!!!

and one of Lily and me in our matching outfits :)
she is just about the most precious thing ever!

cant wait to see her again!!!
congrats to Jenn and Brady on such a beautiful baby girl,
we adore her!
happy thursday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

wedding weekend

woohoo Allison and Bryan got married!
(thats drew's sister and new brother-in-law)

it was lovely, she looked so gorgeous and its always great to get the family together
here are the pics:
me and the bride-to-be
at the bridal brunch
(dont judge me,
 i'm wearing my Easter dress a week early,
be prepared to see it again)

bride and groom
her mom and Duane!

the family

(they got married in this gorgeous little chapel, its pretty tiny but completely stunning)
the vows

Mr and Mrs Adcock
allison was so sweet to trust me with her wedding day hair,
luckily she's so pretty already and has great hair
it wasnt hard at all to make her look fabulous!

one of us is a natural blonde,
cough cough... its not me.

I *love* being an Aunt
(little dude spent the night with us after the wedding,
it was like pre-kid practice,
except he is 6 and easy going so i dont
 think it will really prepare us for those sleepless newborn nights)

remember that one time these two got married?!?

Congrats to you two!
Hope you're having a fantastic time on your honeymoon in Paris!!!
and for those of you interested,
i'm 100% sure the photographer got way better pictures than i was able to capture,
so go check out her blog
Lissa Anglin is super great!!!

happy wednesday y'all

Thursday, April 14, 2011

if i could sing or play an instrument

i would sing/play Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to some super wonderful people, but i dont sing in public (except at church--and only so no one can hear me, i'm no mariah carrey) and well... instruments, also not my thing. i'm even terrible at guitar hero. fail. so.... i'll just write you all a lovely blog post to say they "happy's"

First, Happy Anniversary to my parents -- woohoo 32 years!
(we got married just a few days apart, and on their 30th anniversary, so we will always have our big ones together-- which hopefully means some trips!--napa for the 5 and 35???)
how cute are they!
who would have ever though a preacher's kid and a hippy would end up together--it works!
who was whom do you ask?
well, lets just say daddy had long hair/beard and wore overalls
and mama,
dont let the preacher's kid thing fool you -- she is plenty of fun

daddy was 31 and mama was 22 when they got married,
they've moved around some,
making friends and making memories along the way
and then,
on their 3rd anniversary...
comes this monkey!
no, not me,  him
(and the beard was not authorized by me,
 since i'm his stylist and sister, which gives me an automatic opinion,
but sometimes they dont listen. sheesh! )

Happy 29th Birthday Alexander
my brother has such a sweet heart,
he is a great artist, very athletic, he loves the Lord,
and guess what ladies...
he is SINGLE!!!
haha, okay i'm not really trying to pimp my
brother out via blog post,
 but i mean, if you're interested...

they say: your kids always turn out different,
and well...
my brother and i couldnt be more different.
(dark hair, blondish hair, athletic... and not so into sports,
hates to travel, loves to travel, super nice... and a little sassy)
but-- he has so many qualities that i should strive to be better at, and
we have learned a lot from each other.

He was always a great big brother, and even let me tag along with him growing up!
I'm pretty excited he is moving closer to me in a couple months!!!
Happy Birthday to you Alexander!

and speaking of siblings:
for Drew's sister
this weekend is
(wedding weekend)
Mr and Mrs Adcock
-we are so happy for Allison and Bryan and are so looking forward to sharing such a special time with them, marriage is such a blessing, huh! -

happy (early) weekend

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hidden valley

so this past weekend, we went to the ranch

(haha-this is me laughing at my own joke cause instead of naming this blog post "we went to the ranch" i called it "hidden valley" --you know, like the salad dressing.... okay, seriously... i'm fired from making stupid jokes)

and, i just gave myself the lamesauce award. the purpose of this visit to the ranch: nana and papa's 65th wedding anniversary party, (hubby's grandparents) which was super lovely and they were surrounded by loads of people that love them! they are the cutest ever and such a great example of marriage, keeping their relationship centered in Christ, and always facing the good/bad times in life together -- they are so sweet and supportive of our family and i'm so lucky to just know them!

so, i'll just give you all some pictures so maybe you'll forget my lame title.
here is our little fam
(and my cowgirl boots totally have stiletto heels)

close up of us

and, this bundle was quite a hit,
she is such a precious baby
i couldn't resist a picture with her!
me and little miss Lily Rose
(i cant stand how cute she is, its almost illegal)

somehow or another i managed to not get a single picture of nana and papa all weekend, so i'll just leave you all with the one piece of advice they always give us
"never go to bed angry at each other"
happy wednesday!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Re-Cap

phew, i feel like life has been blowing by nonstop...

oh wait... it has.

i'm finally getting 5 minutes to sit down and blog a bit (the crazy busy schedule is exhausting, but its so full of wonderful things i hate to complain, although i miss getting downtime with friends- soon enough it'll get back to normal) ----back to blogging,

here is a quick re-cap of our anniversary trip:
we stayed on Wall St. so we walked by the stock exchange every day

ground zero

this is us in time square, on the jumbo-tron
if you cut the picture in half "hot dog style"
we are on the right side,
just under where the "fold" would be,
 we look like a blurr
see us? haha

empire state bldg

chocolate at teusher.
best. chocolate. ever.

us in central park

so, we walked by this garden...
me: "hey that looks like the garden where
Miranda and Steve got married, how cool is that"
husband: "who got married?"
me: "miranda and steve, you know... sex and the city"
husband: "yeah, no i dont know them"
me: "okay, well they pick this garden in this episode cause they like how not traditional or cliche it is, but how its still got a romantic feel"
husband: "ok"
me: " ooooooooohh, look a tour bus, it really is the garden and i found it!!!!!!"
husband: "yep"

i think he was way thankful i didnt want to do the SATC bus tour, but being the sweetie pie he is, he did totally offer to take me if i wanted.

us in Washington Square Park

pizza @ Lombardi's

lady liberty

us on Liberty Island, the view of
the city behind us!

lunch @ Carnegie Deli
(outstanding btw, huge yummy sandwiches)

The Met

The House of Blue Leaves
starring: Ben Stiller
(my review: well, whoever said it was a comedy has a really twisted sense of humor, it was not funny, it was actually kind of depressing.... but getting to actually see Ben Stiller... way cool)
my fab dress for the theater
(we were by far the most overdressed people there,
apparently broadway shows got casual, boo)
lunch and frozen hot chocolate
at Serendipity!!!

amazing dinner at Benjamin's Steakhouse

i guess i was tired of looking so short next to drew all the time,
so i borrowed the steps at Benjamin's to snap a picture!

--and i dont have a single picture of it, but we ate the most amazing delicious chinese food at Joe Shanghai in Chinatown. rocked. my. face. off.
seriously, if you go to ny-- go there.
its cash only, and you'll prob wait in line for an hour since the place got a bizillion zagots and its teeny-tiny, but its 100% worth it-- and you wont be disappointed. i'm hungry just typing this!

so, it was a fun week, exhausting with all the walking--
but the food was amazing and we had a great time together!
happy monday!