Tuesday, April 19, 2011

wedding weekend

woohoo Allison and Bryan got married!
(thats drew's sister and new brother-in-law)

it was lovely, she looked so gorgeous and its always great to get the family together
here are the pics:
me and the bride-to-be
at the bridal brunch
(dont judge me,
 i'm wearing my Easter dress a week early,
be prepared to see it again)

bride and groom
her mom and Duane!

the family

(they got married in this gorgeous little chapel, its pretty tiny but completely stunning)
the vows

Mr and Mrs Adcock
allison was so sweet to trust me with her wedding day hair,
luckily she's so pretty already and has great hair
it wasnt hard at all to make her look fabulous!

one of us is a natural blonde,
cough cough... its not me.

I *love* being an Aunt
(little dude spent the night with us after the wedding,
it was like pre-kid practice,
except he is 6 and easy going so i dont
 think it will really prepare us for those sleepless newborn nights)

remember that one time these two got married?!?

Congrats to you two!
Hope you're having a fantastic time on your honeymoon in Paris!!!
and for those of you interested,
i'm 100% sure the photographer got way better pictures than i was able to capture,
so go check out her blog
Lissa Anglin is super great!!!

happy wednesday y'all

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  1. i remember that time you and andrew got married! :D

    and her hair is FAB. of course, i would know since you were amazing enough to do mine. buahahaha! love you!