Friday, April 29, 2011

over the top

as some of you know, i've been working on my crafty room (its our upstairs media room, which we will never use as a media room... so i've taken over!-- see more here)

soooooooooooo--- here are the pictures -- it is absolutely UNFINISHED, and i'm sure i'll be tweaking and changing it over time, but i couldnt resist :) enjoy!

the people who lived here before us used this as a bedroom

woohoo! who doesnt love a leopard print wall?!?

i found this dining room table at a thrift store for $23
so, i painted her up a beautiful bright pink
and did a fabric collage on top!

i added some pom-pom trim to the underneath,
and maybe a few rhinestones on the legs
(really, is there such a thing
as "too much" for a craft room?
i think not!)

the top!
I used lots and lots of fabric to collage the top, then after numerous coats of glue, poured a lacquer over it to make it shiny and hard! (and, there is glitter sprinkled into the lacquer-woohoo)

how fun is that?!?
i used a product that you mix two parts together and it forms the ultra-durable finish,
you can find this at Hobby Lobby
it took 3 coats of this lacquer, and probably needs 1-2 more to be as thick and smooth as i want it! its quite the ordeal, but it looks so different than anything else i've ever seen!

i painted this little nightstand to hold my gift wrap accessories,
i plan to change the knobs soon!

and, my darling little collection of salt and pepper shakers
which will hold glitter and beads!

i love it, i love having a place to go and create!
happy "royal wedding" friday!
i'm watching it right now and loving every moment,
what a beautiful bride Kate makes!!!


  1. Love the table idea!!! Looks like it is all coming along quite well!! Good job! I don't even know where to start with mine or even how to organize it at this point!

  2. That table is so neat and crafty! How did you do those walls like that? That is awesome! :)

  3. that leopard print wall is FABULOUS.
    you are too creative. i LOVE it, jacquelyn!!!

  4. I need a wall like that!! ...hmph...now just to figure out how to convince the husband???

  5. How stinkin' cute!!! What a fun project.. love it!