Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i just wanted to show these little darlings off, they're a custom order for a little girl's bedroom... and i'm so wishing i could put them in my bedroom, cause well.... is there really such a thing as enough chandeliers?!?

i think not.

and, because i think a blog post should be longer than what i have above,
here are a couple pics of how my crafty room is coming along.

i promise to give close up pics
and "how - to's "
for everything once the room is blog-worthy
(which will require my
 working table to be finished,
and phew... there is a
 lot of varnish involved in that process)
until then,
happy wednesday!!!

ps. if you're really that anxious about it,
you can look at the chandelier pic
and use your imagination.
the canvases are sitting on the table.


  1. If I have a daughter one day I want a fabulous chandelier in her room!

  2. OOOHHHH!!! I LOVE craft room photos!! Looks great!! Gorgeous chandaliers!! Your newest follower Amy http://ourcrazybeautifulife.blogspot.com