Wednesday, March 2, 2011

oscar the grouch, oscar meyer, or... the oscars

lame title, i know.
i was attempting to introduce my post about the Academy Awards party, but i ended up doing about as good of a job as Anne Hathaway hosting the awards(which is so sad, cause i love her-- why act like a dorko on such a big night) ugh!

anyway, here we go, andrew and i attended the academy awards party on sunday night
theme/dress code: sequins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, drew was awesome
 and let me add sequins to his suspenders!
when else do you get to wear your high school prom dress?
i was just thrilled it still fit,
even though it was a bit more snug than when i was 16

here are our sweet host/hostess
(aaron and allison)
allison is so cute, she even set up a mini
red carpet for everyone to pose on when they came in!

and some other glitzzy friends
(jennifer and jonathan)
arent they gorgeous!

what fun friends i have!!!

and now i need to go see The King's Speech
and... some other movies that won awards.
happy wednesday!


  1. i am JEALOUS that you still fit into your prom dress!

  2. Man, I wish someone around here would have an Oscars party! Maybe I'll have to host one next year... hmm.