Sunday, February 28, 2010

Like father, like son...

Actually, like father, and grandfathers. Yep, Coach has a bad knee. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we took Coach to the dog park down from our house, on our way home we heard what we thought was his hip "popping" every step he took. Since great danes have major hip problems, we decided it was best to take him in for a check up sooner than later. After finding an emergency animal clinic (saturday at 4:45pm is quite difficult to find an open pet clinic) we got him in, and the vet pretty immediately noticed his back left knee being swollen and has calcification nodules on it.
Once we took a look, it was pretty obvious that his left knee is much larger than his right. We would have never noticed, because he doesn't limp or anything. She said it had been injured before, that the damage and swelling was built up, but it probably got irritated when he and Drew were playing at the dog park. Now that we watch him, we feel horrible for not noticing that he is very gentle with it and hardly puts weight on it at all when he stands, and it sticks out differently than the right side when he sits. Poor guy!
The vet gave him some anti-inflammatories, and said to rest him. No more wrestling, which is just so hard to do because he gets soooo excited to play. Our long term option is most likely going to be knee surgery ($$$$) but she wants to do this series of anti-inflams (23 days) and then see how he is healing. Hopefully, if we can be very diligent about trying to keep him calm and rested, we wont do any further damage and he can be fine for a few years before we have to make any surgical decisions. So, for $250 worth of office visit bills and meds for Coach, we were not given too much good news, except that his ears are healthy and he weighs 130lbs. Great dane = great expenses. We are just going to try our best to make him rest and keep him from doing any more damage, but this is definately not what we wanted to hear. On a good note, he's being a darling and taking his meds like a trooper. Keep your fingers crossed for the best!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

new on etsy

Here is my latest creation, i got kinda inspired by the dictionary. No, I do not sit around reading the dictionary, i'm not that lame! Anyhoo-- I'm wanting to incorporate joy into my art, and into my life. I'm approaching my days as much as possible with the attitude of "blessed", not "entitled". It's not easy, but its certainly not going to hurt me to be a more positive person! So, spring is right around the corner (i know it is, it just has to be... right?) so its time for bright colors and happy artwork! I've added a few things to the etsy store, check it out at http://www.passionatelypink.etsy.com/ And, a little surprise from my sweet husband is arriving on Monday--- i'll give you a hint : its not a clock and its not pink.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coach, you're still our favorite...

BUT-- check out this dane on Oprah. Stephanie sent me this text the other day about "George the giant dane" she saw on Oprah on monday, so I watched the youtube video, he's precious! He's a beautiful blue dane, but he has floppy ears... Drew and I both prefer cropped ears. My goodness though, he is a big boy!!! Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRdD7hyk8UU

Drew has had his heart set on a blue dane for our next one, so just for an idea of what the new little guy might look like: we are still undecided on when the new dane will join our family, but I can't resist looking at their pictures. LOVE Them!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coach's Baby Album

Well, since Coach dearest was adopted at age 1 -- we don't have any pictures of him as a baby. I am sure he was the most adorable great dane puppy that ever existed, but just to give you all an idea these are pictures of merle puppies, to show what he "might" have looked like before he grew into the precious angel he is now! I apologize in advance for the man below who finds clothing to be optional. This was not the environment Coach was raised in. Also, the puppy is similar to what Coach would have looked like right before he had is ears done! Darling arent they! Drew and I are heavily considering "dane #2" but not anytime in the immediate future! For now, we're happy spoiling our Coach Tchoupoutoulis!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bedroom decor making progress

hello friends, i've decided to take the yellow plunge-- i went out hunting today and successfully shot and captured 3 yellow throw pillows, 2 yellow picture frames, and a yellow candle. here is the bed all made up with the new pillows!

and here is our very very unfinished "black and white wall" -- its a work in progress, but i did finally pick the location to get it started.

and last but definately not least, my super funky dresser and antique bevelled glass mirrors (love them) i've only got 2 as of now, but hopefully over time my collection will grow!!! last night and today i painted the bathroom cabinets, we will see if they need 5 coats like the kitchen cabinets did. andrew has been so sweet helping me hang pictures, he even put together a shelf for our closet (he hates anything that requires instructions to be put together) -- and he's been very agreeable about the yellow, which i realize is not the most masculine of colors. i'm so lucky to have such an agreeable and supportive husband, even when my decoration ideas are completely off the wall -not literally, figuratively- thanks drew!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

a tribute to.... my pink necessities

In honor of Valentine's Day--- i'm letting everyone into my bathroom to check out all the pink things i actually use in my everyday life! Now you might be thinking this pink obsession of mine has gone too far, perhaps... but its really not my fault. I blame my parents: Dad for putting pink ballons up all over the house when i was born, and Mama for always having a pink bow on my head, which caused the pink to seep into my brain and resulted in an obsession. So, here you have it: all my pink bathroom items, not included in this picture is my pink blowdryer, pink nano straightner, and pink Cricket (trimmer that i use to shape and groom Drew's beard) and last but not least pink towels. OHHH and i only wear perfume that comes in pink bottles, there were a few too many of those to add to the picture, maybe another time! Anyway, enjoy: from left to right: blush, mascara, pink toothpick, pink dove deodorant, pink hairclip, pink lip gloss, pink tweezers, pink baby lotion, pink hairspray, pink body splash, pink eyeshadow cream, pink brush, pink toothbrush, pink foaming soap, and pink round brush. Yep. If it comes in pink, i must have it in pink, no exceptions. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Very Pink Holiday

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!! I always say "Valentine's Day is the 2nd pinkest holiday of the year, my birthday is first, of course" -- Andrew went out of his way to make this weekend lovely for me. Friday night he took me out to a very nice dinner at Maguires, it was insane delicious, they top their steaks with bleu cheese butter (tasty tasty) and then we watched movies, or well... i fell asleep watching a movie. Saturday, we went to a couple garage sales and tinkered around town a bit (i'm looking for furniture to refinish and paint up funky) and then... rewatched the movie i slept through and then The Time Travelers Wife (not too bad) all in all, a very good day! Today, we went to Sunday School @ FBC Frisco, there were 2 other couples in our class (its only the 2nd week they have met-- still new and growing) but we have really enjoyed the service, we really like the preacher!!! Then, since its Valentine's Day we let Coach up in our bed for nap time, my goodness he sure enjoyed being allowed in the big bed with us, although he twitches a bit and kept waking me up, not sure how often that is going to happen!
Then Andrew took me to get a manicure, and he got one too! He was pretty hesitant, but I think the paraphin wax won him over! We were pampered and had a really great weekend just getting to spend time together and enjoy our home and our sweet dog!

As far as i'm concerned, i'd decorate my whole entire house in all pink all year around, not just for V-day, but that really isnt gender friendly... so i kept it simple and just "pinked up" the kitchen nook. Nothing too fancy, just a little "pink day decor" enjoy, love to you all!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

This morning Andrew, Coach and I woke up to our little town of Savannah and the neighboring town of "Dallas" covered in snow. I realize that you lubbock folks dont seem to think this is much of a big deal, but the people here in 'dallas' seem to think its free botox falling from the sky, and everyone is overjoyed! Coach on the other hand, has done this a time or two and is still quite the little priss and has as little to do with the snow as possible (he gets that from his mom) so he and i are like two little marshmallows hovered near the fire! I've done some tinkering and decorating this morning, but nothing is picture worthy yet... so i will leave you with a teaser of my latest etsy.com order. Its for a little boy's room his name is Dutch.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

craving spring

i think when the thought of cold weather and snow and Christmas starts hovering after Halloween, everyone gets excited... and then Christmas ends, the New Years Parties are over ... and i dont know about you, but i start craving spring--not the rainy spring, the flowers blooming light jacket spring. maybe its something about the cold weather being more whimsical when there is Christmas music playing and wassail drinking, but after thats all said and done, go away! do you hear me cold yucky weather: I'm over YOU! be gone. (sigh) if only. so in typical "jacquelyn" fashion, when i'm anti-whatever i go for the complimentary color on the wayyyy other side of the color wheel. examples: over sweet, go for sour. over pink nails, go for black. over melba snacks, on to flaming hot cheetos. So, i'm in the process of thinking about adding some *yellow* to our very well planned in my head black & grey bedroom, which by the way... i'm a very monocramatic color scheme type person, i dont believe in accent colors, because they are part of the "decorating rules" and i'm not one that cares much for rules, and typically believe they dont apply to me... so the thought of adding an accent color is quite frankly: weird. But, i've been giving this yellow situation some though ever since last week when i came across these beautiful antique candlesticks at a vintage store/boutique (http://www.bluedoorbtq.com/) in downtown Frisco. I WANTED THEM-- and i have no yellow in our home, so my solution: add yellow to a room, ask Andrew for the candlesticks. hmmmmm.... after all, Valentine's Day is just right around the corner! So, i'm thinking more of a splash of yellow in our bedroom --- like this,

not quite as subtle as this;but not quite so much as this. although if a clawfoot bathtub arrives at my house i dont care what color it is, its found a home to be loved and cherished. -clawfoot tub = on my wish list-

the decision has not yet been made, but i'm definately giving the yellow splash some thought for our soon-to-be painted grey bedroom, thoughts???

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gray vs. Grey

I read this blog post about the difference between the spelling of g-r-a-y and g-r-e-y. Apparently, they mean the same thing-- gray is the American derivation of the original spelling grey. The difference can be chalked up to the same happenstances that led to organize/organise and judgement/judgment. So, in the conclusion of the post the writer ended with this theory;

Gray = color
Grey = colour

I'll take the fancier of the two (imagine that) to tell you all about how Coach and I painted the master bedroom Fairfax Grey today-- well, Coach mostly just offered moral support and cried when I moved furniture, and the ladder from wall to wall- such a drama queen- but needless to say two walls are now painted, and i'm doing a bit of rearranging. Here is a little sneak peak of Coach and his work in progress...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Whatever happened to .... Ford??!?!??

There once was a puppy named
Little Ford Diesel.
Who was just too rambunctious
to visit Verla and Cecil.

He was cuddly and charming,
truly cute as can be.
But cleaning up puddles and mudpies,
is just no fun for me.

When the cold weather hit,
to the garage the boys went.
Our darling Coach knew just what to expect out of the day,
we put his food and water out, and said "Sit and Stay"
But the little Diesel truck caused mischif that day,
chewing toys and boxes, even a bag of grout along the way.

When Andrew went to let the boys inside,
he became angry and wore a frown.
Because the wires on the garage door sensor had been chewed,
and it would NOT go down.

The mess was cleaned up and the wiring redone,
but the search for Ford's new home had promptly begun.

Less than a day was all it took,
love at first sight, they were totally hooked.
The couple was sweet, had another little dog too.
Now we happily say "Coach its just YOU!"

Our gentle giant is now an only child,
and we appreciate even more him being so calm and so mild.
Cheers to you Ford, may your new life be swell.
We are glad you moved on, and are done raising hell.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

latest custom order

This is my latest order for etsy.com -- for a little girl and boys room! The backgrounds match the fabrics in the bedding the lady ordered for the kiddos!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mixing business with pleasure... haha mixing, get it?

todays post of "things i love" has been inspired by my latest painting order, its for a friend from high school who is looking for a store front to open her own bakery... yum! hence, the mixing pun. lame i know, but give me credit for trying. she always has amazing posts on facebook about what type of cupcakes she is baking that day... if she didnt live in florida, i would be more than willing to trade cupcakes for art. oh well. sigh! ANY-way, i do adore cupcakes!!! they're quite lovely little bites of heaven. nothing overwhelming, just a quick little sweets fix. perfection in a wax paper wrapper. so, if you get a moment, stop and get yourself a little cupcake treat this week... a simple delightful pleasure, and the latest of "things i love" ----- and, here is the art i'm doing for the bakery, its her logo!