Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

This morning Andrew, Coach and I woke up to our little town of Savannah and the neighboring town of "Dallas" covered in snow. I realize that you lubbock folks dont seem to think this is much of a big deal, but the people here in 'dallas' seem to think its free botox falling from the sky, and everyone is overjoyed! Coach on the other hand, has done this a time or two and is still quite the little priss and has as little to do with the snow as possible (he gets that from his mom) so he and i are like two little marshmallows hovered near the fire! I've done some tinkering and decorating this morning, but nothing is picture worthy yet... so i will leave you with a teaser of my latest etsy.com order. Its for a little boy's room his name is Dutch.

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