Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mixing business with pleasure... haha mixing, get it?

todays post of "things i love" has been inspired by my latest painting order, its for a friend from high school who is looking for a store front to open her own bakery... yum! hence, the mixing pun. lame i know, but give me credit for trying. she always has amazing posts on facebook about what type of cupcakes she is baking that day... if she didnt live in florida, i would be more than willing to trade cupcakes for art. oh well. sigh! ANY-way, i do adore cupcakes!!! they're quite lovely little bites of heaven. nothing overwhelming, just a quick little sweets fix. perfection in a wax paper wrapper. so, if you get a moment, stop and get yourself a little cupcake treat this week... a simple delightful pleasure, and the latest of "things i love" ----- and, here is the art i'm doing for the bakery, its her logo!