Sunday, February 7, 2010

craving spring

i think when the thought of cold weather and snow and Christmas starts hovering after Halloween, everyone gets excited... and then Christmas ends, the New Years Parties are over ... and i dont know about you, but i start craving spring--not the rainy spring, the flowers blooming light jacket spring. maybe its something about the cold weather being more whimsical when there is Christmas music playing and wassail drinking, but after thats all said and done, go away! do you hear me cold yucky weather: I'm over YOU! be gone. (sigh) if only. so in typical "jacquelyn" fashion, when i'm anti-whatever i go for the complimentary color on the wayyyy other side of the color wheel. examples: over sweet, go for sour. over pink nails, go for black. over melba snacks, on to flaming hot cheetos. So, i'm in the process of thinking about adding some *yellow* to our very well planned in my head black & grey bedroom, which by the way... i'm a very monocramatic color scheme type person, i dont believe in accent colors, because they are part of the "decorating rules" and i'm not one that cares much for rules, and typically believe they dont apply to me... so the thought of adding an accent color is quite frankly: weird. But, i've been giving this yellow situation some though ever since last week when i came across these beautiful antique candlesticks at a vintage store/boutique (http://www.bluedoorbtq.com/) in downtown Frisco. I WANTED THEM-- and i have no yellow in our home, so my solution: add yellow to a room, ask Andrew for the candlesticks. hmmmmm.... after all, Valentine's Day is just right around the corner! So, i'm thinking more of a splash of yellow in our bedroom --- like this,

not quite as subtle as this;but not quite so much as this. although if a clawfoot bathtub arrives at my house i dont care what color it is, its found a home to be loved and cherished. -clawfoot tub = on my wish list-

the decision has not yet been made, but i'm definately giving the yellow splash some thought for our soon-to-be painted grey bedroom, thoughts???

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