Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gray vs. Grey

I read this blog post about the difference between the spelling of g-r-a-y and g-r-e-y. Apparently, they mean the same thing-- gray is the American derivation of the original spelling grey. The difference can be chalked up to the same happenstances that led to organize/organise and judgement/judgment. So, in the conclusion of the post the writer ended with this theory;

Gray = color
Grey = colour

I'll take the fancier of the two (imagine that) to tell you all about how Coach and I painted the master bedroom Fairfax Grey today-- well, Coach mostly just offered moral support and cried when I moved furniture, and the ladder from wall to wall- such a drama queen- but needless to say two walls are now painted, and i'm doing a bit of rearranging. Here is a little sneak peak of Coach and his work in progress...

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