Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bedroom decor making progress

hello friends, i've decided to take the yellow plunge-- i went out hunting today and successfully shot and captured 3 yellow throw pillows, 2 yellow picture frames, and a yellow candle. here is the bed all made up with the new pillows!

and here is our very very unfinished "black and white wall" -- its a work in progress, but i did finally pick the location to get it started.

and last but definately not least, my super funky dresser and antique bevelled glass mirrors (love them) i've only got 2 as of now, but hopefully over time my collection will grow!!! last night and today i painted the bathroom cabinets, we will see if they need 5 coats like the kitchen cabinets did. andrew has been so sweet helping me hang pictures, he even put together a shelf for our closet (he hates anything that requires instructions to be put together) -- and he's been very agreeable about the yellow, which i realize is not the most masculine of colors. i'm so lucky to have such an agreeable and supportive husband, even when my decoration ideas are completely off the wall -not literally, figuratively- thanks drew!!!

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