Monday, May 23, 2011


so, i just finished "The Fixer Upper" by Mary Kay Andrews, and it was sooo good! I just didnt want it to end :(

the detail was fabulous, i just wanted to go dig around the old house the main character "Dempsey" inherited, i love the way Mary Kay Andrews writes, she is charming!

I had read her book "Hissy Fit" before, and it was great too!

it made me want an old house so bad, i like the sound of the word parlor,
i mean... who has a parlor anymore? or a sitting room?
something like this:

with a tree lined drive
and a big wrap around porch
oooh it just sounds so lovely and calm :)
then maybe,
some fancy decorations like this:
(or a more updated version)
ooookay, enough mental redecorating....
the book was enchanting, read it :)
happy monday

Friday, May 20, 2011

the name game

you know that age, when its time to put the babydolls away... and put pics of you, your girlfriends, and Justin Bieber up?

i think i'm there,


i've been working on little miss ashley's bedroom (age 8)
and i must say, its getting too adorable for words.
new bedding + pink paint + babydolls up + fancy wall art = fabulousness in a bedroom

what does miss ashley want?
she wants "ashley morgan" in cursive above her bed...
so this is what i did for her

her last name starts with a "B"
we wanted to incorporate it,
so it was more of a modified monogram
 instead of just her first/middle name

new bedding and her name!!!

how fufu fabulous is that?!?

i love the layered name look,
i think its totally unique
and miss ash now has a one-of-a-kind bedroom

oh to be young and have a pink bedroom again!
*sigh of jealousy*
{happy friday}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pillow talk

so, a while back... i had a green wall in my living room, and then, it became a grey wall.
want to catch up on all that, read here
so, during my "green" phase, i purchased green throw pillows for the couch,
what to do with them now???

step 1: take sage green pillow, prepare to recover

step 2: paint the word "blessed" on burlap,
step 3: sew two pieces around the pillow

step 4-6: then did a little folding
and hot glue'ing for the edges to create a ruffle,
 yikes i know, hot glue'ing a pillow
-- not super fancy, but it works
step 7: ta-da!
and the formerly green pillow returns to the couch as burlap!

its not perfect, but it'll certainly do!
happy tuesday!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

confessions of a hanger snob

okay, well i guess that title pretty much sums up the blog post for today.


i kind of always have been, i've never been one for wire hangers, i prefer the plastic ones, and generally they must all be the same color (white) but I branched out a while back and purchased hot pink ones, woohoo! love them, but as many habits go--- they get worse over time.
 yes, a lot of thought goes into hanging clothing,
 i realize this is not normal.
i might have a touch of OCD.

so, now....
i'm all about velvet covered hangers.
and they must be pink.
(the pink thing... its what i do, it all must be pink)

the velvet hanger thing started about 3 years ago
because i hate when my sundresses slip
off hangers due to lack of friction,
so i began purchasing these little lovelies

and then, i slowly transitioned my jeans onto the fancy hangers
(yes, if you are wondering .... our closet is painted pink)
and now...
i'm indulging further,
i'm literally custom painting wood hangers
because i think my clothes will appreciate the gesture.
(no, i dont really think that, i just like the way they look)
i still have a few more to paint :)

they each have something funny/cute painted on them

my nephew called me a sassy pants once,
wonder why?

one of my fav scriptures
Psalms 139:14

my monogram

and really, every closet needs chandeliers!!!

and, i've started painting hubby's hangers black,
because well...
i apparently like to make laundry everything difficult-- i buy mahogany hangers and then proceed to spend a couple hours giving them 2 coats of paint and a clear coat sealer.
sheeeshhh- my high maintenance is exhausting even me.
my plan is to add double-t's on his black hangers
(texas tech)
but that could just really be quite the undertaking.

what am i to do with all the white hangers?
have i completely lost my mind?

my oh my, happy monday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

who's who of hair do's

do i ever get tired of hair? no, not at all. i love sitting online and looking at hair pics, or just browsing through magazines. its still just so much fun, even though its my job! but like everything, i do have my favorites
here are some thoughts:

blast from the past...
who didnt have this cut for at least a while?
jen is a fine wine, she gets better with age!
she always looks fab,
and i adore her color.

and again, the cut everyone had/has
(which i totally love, it works SO well on so many different people and face shapes, and it wears different on everyone, its just a good style)

i get lots of requests for this cut/style
although its cute,
 i always think it works better if its cut a little longer,
 this length has a tendency to flip in the back

i'm a huge fan of this cut

or this one from Sweet Home Alabama

which is just darling on her,
but i do love her hair long!

and while we are on haircuts made famous by a movie,
my all time favorite is:
Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail
i cant watch that movie without wanting to chop my hair off.

and she looks great with it long too!
Meg Ryan is so classy!

the person i think has ridiculous gorgeous
 hair and never gets any recognition for it:
Marishka Hargitay
she totally rocks pixie short hair
she rocks a bob
she rocks long hair.
i'm just sayin...
no one ever seems to notice, but she always looks so great,
 high five to her stylist (wardrobe and hair)

this list could go on and on,
but i'll save some for another time!
happy tuesday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mama's day

My mama and daddy came in town for Mother's Day-- i was so happy (i wish my brother could have come too, but he was busy with work) it was so nice to get to see my parents this weekend and drew's parents just two weeks ago, family time is always such a blessing!!!

mama and i spent lots of time running around and even got to hit the pool, plus there was tons of fabulous food involved and we spent each morning drinking coffee/dr pepper on the front porch, so nice!!! we did an afternoon in downtown mckinney-- on the square, its one of my all time favorite places!

we had lunch at Gather --- if you have never been there, you MUST go!!!
and then hit some shops,
Patina Green, which is a super fab eatery/boutique
and has the most gorgeous bathroom
like, i would move into it.


we did sunday morning church,
and then came home for "soup" and crab cakes!!!
{soup = gumbo}
my daddy is a picky eater,
 we sometimes have to call things by a different name
 to get him to eat what we cook, LOL.
mama and daddy
how cute is she in her darling pink dress?!?

us with Coach

mama and her mother's day table scape
(pink + green + black)
i loved getting to use my precious pink floral dishes,
we found these at a boutique in Salado, TX

present time!!!

my precious baby gave me a sweet card for mother's day!
i got a few presents too! woohoo!

i'm so thankful for mothers all over,
i have a wonderful mother and mother-in-law
as well as so many amazing women
 throughout my life that are great examples
 of how to love and support.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tail wagging tuesday

oh how i love sharing pics of Coach.... so i'm showing off his "looks"
want to link up and play along?
go here!

"coach wants a tummy rub, please!?!"

"mom, seriously? how many pictures must
you take of me?"

"i'm just absolutely too tired to care"

"i'll be a great babysitter someday"

"this is my favorite place to drink,
 i prefer running water"

"i'm super handsome, arent i ???"

i adore our buddyboy! he's just precious and such a lovely part of our life, i'd have a whole house full of great dane's but... we need a bigger house, haha!
happy -tail wagging- tuesday!