Friday, May 20, 2011

the name game

you know that age, when its time to put the babydolls away... and put pics of you, your girlfriends, and Justin Bieber up?

i think i'm there,


i've been working on little miss ashley's bedroom (age 8)
and i must say, its getting too adorable for words.
new bedding + pink paint + babydolls up + fancy wall art = fabulousness in a bedroom

what does miss ashley want?
she wants "ashley morgan" in cursive above her bed...
so this is what i did for her

her last name starts with a "B"
we wanted to incorporate it,
so it was more of a modified monogram
 instead of just her first/middle name

new bedding and her name!!!

how fufu fabulous is that?!?

i love the layered name look,
i think its totally unique
and miss ash now has a one-of-a-kind bedroom

oh to be young and have a pink bedroom again!
*sigh of jealousy*
{happy friday}


  1. That is quite the big girl bedroom!!! You are so crafty!!!!

  2. i LOVE this! you are sooo talented J!

  3. Loving all of your work! Keep it up!