Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pillow talk

so, a while back... i had a green wall in my living room, and then, it became a grey wall.
want to catch up on all that, read here
so, during my "green" phase, i purchased green throw pillows for the couch,
what to do with them now???

step 1: take sage green pillow, prepare to recover

step 2: paint the word "blessed" on burlap,
step 3: sew two pieces around the pillow

step 4-6: then did a little folding
and hot glue'ing for the edges to create a ruffle,
 yikes i know, hot glue'ing a pillow
-- not super fancy, but it works
step 7: ta-da!
and the formerly green pillow returns to the couch as burlap!

its not perfect, but it'll certainly do!
happy tuesday!!!

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