Monday, May 16, 2011

confessions of a hanger snob

okay, well i guess that title pretty much sums up the blog post for today.


i kind of always have been, i've never been one for wire hangers, i prefer the plastic ones, and generally they must all be the same color (white) but I branched out a while back and purchased hot pink ones, woohoo! love them, but as many habits go--- they get worse over time.
 yes, a lot of thought goes into hanging clothing,
 i realize this is not normal.
i might have a touch of OCD.

so, now....
i'm all about velvet covered hangers.
and they must be pink.
(the pink thing... its what i do, it all must be pink)

the velvet hanger thing started about 3 years ago
because i hate when my sundresses slip
off hangers due to lack of friction,
so i began purchasing these little lovelies

and then, i slowly transitioned my jeans onto the fancy hangers
(yes, if you are wondering .... our closet is painted pink)
and now...
i'm indulging further,
i'm literally custom painting wood hangers
because i think my clothes will appreciate the gesture.
(no, i dont really think that, i just like the way they look)
i still have a few more to paint :)

they each have something funny/cute painted on them

my nephew called me a sassy pants once,
wonder why?

one of my fav scriptures
Psalms 139:14

my monogram

and really, every closet needs chandeliers!!!

and, i've started painting hubby's hangers black,
because well...
i apparently like to make laundry everything difficult-- i buy mahogany hangers and then proceed to spend a couple hours giving them 2 coats of paint and a clear coat sealer.
sheeeshhh- my high maintenance is exhausting even me.
my plan is to add double-t's on his black hangers
(texas tech)
but that could just really be quite the undertaking.

what am i to do with all the white hangers?
have i completely lost my mind?

my oh my, happy monday!


  1. Oh, I totally feel you on being a hanger snob. Those wire ones just do not work!! I hate them. They drive me insane!! And I love what you are doing to your hangers:)

  2. I will take all your white hangers...that's all I use b/c I too, hate the wired ones! haha - such a cute idea..love the quotes!