Friday, August 26, 2011

hanger mania

So, as of late my "secret room" (its my craft room, drew just nicknamed it the "secret room where no boys are allowed") ...anyway, my craft room has been quite the hot spot!!!

I've got big news coming up about my crafty endeavors, but until then... i'll leave you with my shameless plug of my own stuff (pathetic, or what!) but i figure as long as there are pics, its better than nothing!

I'm not even going to lie, these have been super fun... yes, even the ones for "other" colleges. Of course, the TEXAS TECH hangers are the most fun, but i can respect those who have attended different universities wanting to show their school spirit. Ta-Da.... collegiate hangers!!!
set of 5 Texas Tech hangers

love me some red & black

white masked rider hanger!

black on black sequins, woohoo!!!

Set of 5 University of Texas hangers

pretty pearl necklace with longhorn charm

burnt orange + white

Set of 3 Texas A&M hangers

close up: A&M logo, 12th Man, and "Gig 'Em" thumb

yep, i had to buy maroon paint to do these, its not a color i keep around.
i feel like i'm evolving as a person.

Interested in hangers from your own school? Click Here!!!

Happy Friday to you all,
thanks for tolerating my crazy craft projects!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new on etsy

i've been painting up a storm, phew... does that explain my absence?!?
here is a sneak peek of what i've been doing:
(maybe i'm not the only hanger snob around?)
monogram hanger

fleur de lis hanger with rhinestones

keep calm and carry on hanger

tiffanys pearl necklace hanger

SATC quote hanger

white or ivory "i do" hanger

kappa alpha theta hanger

custom bridesmaids hangers

Texas Tech hanger!!!

Tri-Delta hanger

yes, friends... the hangers are detailed

white + turquoise "bride" hanger

Kappa Kappa Gamma hanger

Chi Omega hanger

phew! busy paintbrushes!!!
more to come soon :)
happy wednesday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!

arent mama's great? i think so, happy birthday to mine!
she is so fun and sweet,
always wants everyone to be happy,
so supportive,
insane talented, and very beautiful!

 Coach was feeling left out,
he has to know what everone is doing all the time, what a silly goose!
"happy birthday mimi" --love COACH!

happy BIRTHDAY thursday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a tribue to...

i'm giving you all a fair warning, this will probably be the most ridiculous blog post ever written, so feel free to stop reading right now and go back to doing something important.

okay, for those of you who decided to stick it out and are intrigued...

here is the latest "a tribute to..."

taco bell sauce sayings!
i know, what?

i kid you not, i LOVE those stupid little sauces and how they talk to me.
i think its adorable.
and it makes the food taste better...
well, i think it does.



i dont even eat Taco Bell that often,
but i totally know that if the sauces didnt have funny little sayings,
i'd so never eat there!
what can i say, i'm a sucker for details!

i'm terribly sorry that however long you spent
 reading this blog post is time you can never get back.
happy thursday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

guess who found her camera charger

thats right, woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo!
i found it!!!!
(the joys of closet cleaning!)

(in my belt/hat drawer in my closet dresser, weird place for a camera charger, i know?)

anyhoo! i'm back and promise to deliver some super awesome blogs, with pics!!!

a while back, i did this in Little Miss Ashley's bedroom
well, on the adjacent wall i also did these...

woohoo chandeliers!!!

Ashley's mama wanted it to be fun
 and blinged to the max,
so i had a ball... I glued 300 rhinestones to
thumb tacks and added them to all the chandeliers!
--and each chandelier had a tulle or chiffon "cord cover" to add texture!

there might have been some glitter paint involved!
the big one!

little light pink one, with tulle & rhinestones

its hard to see in the picture, but most of these "bead lines" are painted on,
but some of them are actual 3-D
beads i tacked to the wall
its super fun, in person!

and we added this pretty chandelier,
(can be found at hobby lobby in the party plates/silverware section)
to the corner, how cute is this!!!

ash's room is absolutely adorable,
and i had so much fun getting to fufu it up!
happy tuesday yall!