Tuesday, August 2, 2011

guess who found her camera charger

thats right, woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo!
i found it!!!!
(the joys of closet cleaning!)

(in my belt/hat drawer in my closet dresser, weird place for a camera charger, i know?)

anyhoo! i'm back and promise to deliver some super awesome blogs, with pics!!!

a while back, i did this in Little Miss Ashley's bedroom
well, on the adjacent wall i also did these...

woohoo chandeliers!!!

Ashley's mama wanted it to be fun
 and blinged to the max,
so i had a ball... I glued 300 rhinestones to
thumb tacks and added them to all the chandeliers!
--and each chandelier had a tulle or chiffon "cord cover" to add texture!

there might have been some glitter paint involved!
the big one!

little light pink one, with tulle & rhinestones

its hard to see in the picture, but most of these "bead lines" are painted on,
but some of them are actual 3-D
beads i tacked to the wall
its super fun, in person!

and we added this pretty chandelier,
(can be found at hobby lobby in the party plates/silverware section)
to the corner, how cute is this!!!

ash's room is absolutely adorable,
and i had so much fun getting to fufu it up!
happy tuesday yall!

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  1. you are SOOOO talented! i LOVE the chandeliers!