Saturday, October 30, 2010

blah :(

while hitting the grocery store last week, i stumbled upon this seemingly lovely product
and i hate to say it, but

it was runny, not creamy, and well...
just an overall bad mac & cheese experience.
anyone else tried it???

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


so, i don't know if i've mentioned this yet or not... but here goes.

i like to read historical fiction books, mostly pertaining to the court of Henry XIII

feel free to quit reading my blog now if you think i'm a total loser.
but... hey, it good to be well rounded.
my first one was The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory--- absolutely loved it, but the movie was a train wreck, you know... the one with Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Eric Bana (really, it was terrible, but i watched it anyway- twice)

so, last week i read this one
it was really good too,
it gets tricky trying to keep up with all the characters, the marriages and the mistresses,
but hey... thats how it was.

has anyone watched the tv series The Tudors???
any good?

like i said, they aren't everyones "cup of tea" but i do enjoy myself a good historical fiction from time to time. anyway, confession done. happy tuesday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

currently reading

so, being that i'm a not-so-closet 90210ldSchool fan- yes, i just tried to be cool and make that a word- lamesauce. okay, starting over.... me + 90210 = happy. therefore, i'm really not a Tori Spelling hater, this doesnt make me Team Chelsea or Team Tori (chelsea handler vs. tori spelling.... for those of you who dont watch E!) what i'm getting at......... i'm reading sTORI telling by Tori Spelling
my thoughts:
its witty, she gives great background and details
i think she is trying not to sound snotty, but it doesnt always work...
she's funny, she is vulnerable, she is imperfect,
she might be a little off her rocker,
but whatev.

i'm about halfway through, its a light easy read.
i wish Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) would write a book!!!
did you read it?
did you like it?
90210ldSchool, yikes.

texas tech v. baylor & the state fair (way late)

here we are at the game (a couple weekends ago)
--yes, i'm attempting to pull off the 'middle part' with little success--
we went with these two

Allison and her fiance' Brian
(allison is andrew's sister)
they just got engaged and i made them do the cheesy "we're engaged" photo pose.

they're good sports!

and, my all time favorite part of any fair or fair-like event...
a huge turkey leg.
so LOVE them!!!

my attempt to look "barbaric"
i dont think its a look i do well, yikes!!!
happy monday

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hello 6:30am... nice to meet you

yep, today was day 1 of mine and hubby-dearests morning workouts! woohoo- i survived!!! (i'm not one of those worker-outer people... this is actually quite out of my comfort zone between the early mornings and the whole "gym" aspect--- but, i also see it as an opportunity to buy cute workout clothes, yay! see, there is always an upside)

why, you may ask? well... there are a multitude of reasons, but one of the "funner" ones is simply this:

my daddy, who is quite the stubborn mule at times, has been so impressive to us lately. he has made such a huge adjustment in his lifestyle for the better. its been so great to see him eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water... really just a complete 180 for him-- and he's doing wonderfully because of it. its actually allowed him to get off of some of his medications! its just truly incredible to see at 63 (sorry daddy for telling everyone) year old man do something huge and different, and who says old dogs cant learn new tricks! i'm so proud of you daddy! -- and mama has been so supportive, and helpful at keeping him on track, now she needs to go buy new pants, she looks fabulous!!!

reason 2: we don't have kids, therefore we have more time. no one in our home requires a 6am feeding or diaper change. plus, its always easier to do something with a buddy, and right now its just the two of us!

reason 3: we aren't getting any younger, and losing weight and getting healthy isn't getting any easier

reason 4: getting on a schedule. i'm much more productive on a schedule, so now working from home... its easy to fall into the "sweat pants and laying around watching hgtv" routine. i'm trying to avoid that!!!

reason 5: being able to entertain and eat guilt free. we love to cook, we love to go to eat with friends, we LOVE holidays, and we very much enjoy the social aspects of eating so much that being on a super strict diet doesn't allow, so we are doing our best when we are home, but still allowing ourselves to have delicious meals with friends and family, knowing that we are taking steps to stay healthy in the process.

....and many more healthy lifestyle reasons, sorry for the lack of pictures-- the blogger uploader was being weird, lame sauce. happy tuesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


sherrie Harper elaine
(my aunt's monogram)

{libby, sherrie, and barry}

my aunt sherrie went to be with Jesus tonight, after battling breast cancer for 2 and 1/2 years. she was surrounded by her family, and very peacefully fell asleep. 
sHe was the sweetest, most compassionate lady,
filled with the spirit of love and graciousness.
sHe was always selfless,
and was so passionate about her job teaching, her country, her faith, and of course her family.
sHe makes me want to be a better person,
and to see the good in all things.

{sherrie and libby at libby's debutante ball}

even after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she still said "so many other people have it worse than me" and it just amazes me how her perspective is outward not inward.
sHe was an amazing wife, mother, aunt, sister, and friend.
until she was no longer able, she woke up every morning in the hospital and put on her make up and cute pajamas, she was always so beautiful.

{sherrie's 60th birthday trip}

my heart aches because she isnt physically here with us anymore,
and i know that will happen often over the years,
but my soul rejoices in our Lord, who made a beautiful home for us to live with him,
and now my aunt sherrie is forever cured of her cancer,
she is free from her pain, and she gets to enjoy heaven.

{sherrie, with me and libby- aug 2010}
This world is not our home,
it is merely somewhere to leave our mark.
but today, this world lost something truly precious.

{libby, sherrie, and barry in colorado}

i pray for each family going through the fight,
and i have hope that at some point in time,
there will be a cure for breast cancer.
i appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts for our family as we go through this time of grief and celebration of her wonderful life, remember that each day is a blessing.

Monday, October 11, 2010


saw this movie yesterday...
and my thoughts:
it was truly a fantastic movie, and the characters were wonderful.
its witty and inspiring, and the horses are gorgeous!
seriously, go see it.
you'll want to own a horse ranch.
happy monday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


oh well hello there, guess what today is 10-10-10 aka: my sweet husbands 27th birthday!!!
so, here is the sentimental photo montage and a few of the reasons why he is so very wonderful :)

here we are our very first NYE together, welcome 2007--

and (below) happy 2008
he is so sweet to wear the hat for me, i love dressing up for occasions and drew is wonderful to tolerate me!

this was from Kim & Adam's wedding, he is such a handsome groomsman!

i LOVE this picture of him
(from m&g's wedding)

oh guess what we were at? yes, another wedding!
he is my favorite date!!!

he was such a fantastic fiance'
-he did so many things to help make the wedding planning process fun and less stressful, and he was so agreeable about all the things i wanted-

(from our engagement pics)
we laugh and said this was our "someday when drew runs for office" picture
he is so smart and passionate about politics!

wedding day drew!
isn't he handsome, oh those eyes!!!

on our honeymoon, he is so fun to travel with :)

he is a wonderful godfather,
and the girls loved sleeping on him when they were teeeny!
and *someday* he will be such an incredible daddy!

he LOVES his nephews!

we love our time with family and holiday traditions,
and drew goes out of his way to keep important traditions and start some of our own!
this is us last christmas eve!

he is such a gentleman, he always makes me feel safe!

he is quite the entertainer.
and he is charming,
 i love this one of him twirling isabella around the dance floor

i love being married to him, i love our little family of 3, i love our sweet house, i love spending time together, i love watching him play with Coach, i love that he is so open minded about all my ideas even when he thinks i'm a little off my rocker, i love how easy he is to be with-- and how we can have fun anywhere, i love how tenderhearted he is, i love how much he knows about sports and how willing he is to explain things to me, i love how much importance he puts on family, i love his drive and desire to achieve his/our goals and dreams, i love his pancakes, i love his dedication to his faith, i love his eagerness to learn more and to do better, i love how much fun we have entertaining friends together, i love how easy and fun he is to travel with and i look forward to many more vacations together, i love how handsome he is and how he lets me pick out his clothes--he is truly a sharp dresser, i love how cute he looks in a baseball cap, i love how he wants to protect me from anything that hurts me- even just a paper cut, i love when he sings-- he has such a great voice, i love how he can appreciate our differences that he doesn't understand, i love how funny he is with kids, i love that he is a reader, i love the smell of his cologne, i love how loyal he is, and i really really love that he loves me!!! happy birthday andrew, ILOVEYOU!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm a advertising dream

okay, so lets face it... i'm easily intrigued about products. it is what it is, if its shiny call me a bird, i'm interested. i guess i'm just doing my part to keep advertising people in a job. needless to say, i try my best to stay away from late night info-mercials, because i think everything is just so fantastic and i'm temped to order it. no we do not need a juicer, or any workout machines. -- but dont you just think you could use them???

so, my latest curiosity...
yep, i heard a commercial for sensodyne iso-active toothpaste, apparently it foams when you brush.
yes yes, i bought it.
and my thoughts: at first i just liked the container, because its different.
then i started brushing, nothing exciting...
its like you have rabies out of nowhere.
its actually really really cool.
i like it.

i dont normally use sensodyne toothpaste, i usually pick a green one, but i figure it cant hurt, right??? anyway, i get a kick out of it starting out normal and then having a crazy foaming experience within 15 seconds. maybe i'm just easily amused, but hey... at least its a heathy expression.

so, if you're into teeth, give it a try...
otherwise feel free to make fun of me for getting excited over toothpaste!!!
happy friday to everyone,
we're having company this weekend, i'm super excited
i'll post pics monday!
{wreck 'em tech}

Monday, October 4, 2010

reading for pleasure sake...

so, i finally finished this book, it took me a while, i took breaks... its one of those that each chapter is different so you don't feel like you need to hurry and keep reading to find out what happens next, which is nice since i took breaks, otherwise it would have been quite suspenseful.
my review: i literally laughed out loud,
many times.
it was witty, funny, truthful, blunt, entertaining, eye opening, and of course... full of southern-isms. really and truly, its worth your time, its not just stupid humor, so give it a shot :)

currently reading:
i loved the movie, so i wanted to read the book.

i'm about halfway finished, and i have to admit
there is WAY more football history and info than i ever expected,
but there is also much more background on the story
(obviously) than in the movie.

its a good read, but the movie rocks too!
happy tuesday friends!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

dear kleenex,

dear kleenex,
i'm wishing you would leave my nightstand, and my nose if we are being completely honest. we're getting a little too serious and i think we should "just be friends" or maybe pen pals. thanks, -me.

seriously, i'm sick of feeling sick-ish. i've been a bit blah, nothing too bad-- and no real reason to go to the dr, but not feeling good. ugh, {sigh} i just either want to go ahead and get sick and be done with it... or get to feeling better already. this whole stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing stuff is getting old.

any suggestions to help my not so great immune system get a boost???

happy "get lots of liquids and rest" monday