Sunday, October 10, 2010


oh well hello there, guess what today is 10-10-10 aka: my sweet husbands 27th birthday!!!
so, here is the sentimental photo montage and a few of the reasons why he is so very wonderful :)

here we are our very first NYE together, welcome 2007--

and (below) happy 2008
he is so sweet to wear the hat for me, i love dressing up for occasions and drew is wonderful to tolerate me!

this was from Kim & Adam's wedding, he is such a handsome groomsman!

i LOVE this picture of him
(from m&g's wedding)

oh guess what we were at? yes, another wedding!
he is my favorite date!!!

he was such a fantastic fiance'
-he did so many things to help make the wedding planning process fun and less stressful, and he was so agreeable about all the things i wanted-

(from our engagement pics)
we laugh and said this was our "someday when drew runs for office" picture
he is so smart and passionate about politics!

wedding day drew!
isn't he handsome, oh those eyes!!!

on our honeymoon, he is so fun to travel with :)

he is a wonderful godfather,
and the girls loved sleeping on him when they were teeeny!
and *someday* he will be such an incredible daddy!

he LOVES his nephews!

we love our time with family and holiday traditions,
and drew goes out of his way to keep important traditions and start some of our own!
this is us last christmas eve!

he is such a gentleman, he always makes me feel safe!

he is quite the entertainer.
and he is charming,
 i love this one of him twirling isabella around the dance floor

i love being married to him, i love our little family of 3, i love our sweet house, i love spending time together, i love watching him play with Coach, i love that he is so open minded about all my ideas even when he thinks i'm a little off my rocker, i love how easy he is to be with-- and how we can have fun anywhere, i love how tenderhearted he is, i love how much he knows about sports and how willing he is to explain things to me, i love how much importance he puts on family, i love his drive and desire to achieve his/our goals and dreams, i love his pancakes, i love his dedication to his faith, i love his eagerness to learn more and to do better, i love how much fun we have entertaining friends together, i love how easy and fun he is to travel with and i look forward to many more vacations together, i love how handsome he is and how he lets me pick out his clothes--he is truly a sharp dresser, i love how cute he looks in a baseball cap, i love how he wants to protect me from anything that hurts me- even just a paper cut, i love when he sings-- he has such a great voice, i love how he can appreciate our differences that he doesn't understand, i love how funny he is with kids, i love that he is a reader, i love the smell of his cologne, i love how loyal he is, and i really really love that he loves me!!! happy birthday andrew, ILOVEYOU!


  1. AW, that was such a sweet post. Happy birthday to your husband. :)

  2. this is SO sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  3. Awe the last picture brings me to ask were your pets a part of your wedding?

  4. Aw good post!!! Happy birthday, Drew! PS-y'all's dog is HUGE!!