Monday, October 25, 2010

currently reading

so, being that i'm a not-so-closet 90210ldSchool fan- yes, i just tried to be cool and make that a word- lamesauce. okay, starting over.... me + 90210 = happy. therefore, i'm really not a Tori Spelling hater, this doesnt make me Team Chelsea or Team Tori (chelsea handler vs. tori spelling.... for those of you who dont watch E!) what i'm getting at......... i'm reading sTORI telling by Tori Spelling
my thoughts:
its witty, she gives great background and details
i think she is trying not to sound snotty, but it doesnt always work...
she's funny, she is vulnerable, she is imperfect,
she might be a little off her rocker,
but whatev.

i'm about halfway through, its a light easy read.
i wish Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) would write a book!!!
did you read it?
did you like it?
90210ldSchool, yikes.


  1. Love Jennie Garth....my fave on 90210 for sure. Tori needs to eat. her boney body bothers me. she sends the wrong message to any of her fans by looking as thin as she does. Yuck!

  2. I was never a huge 90210 fan but I'm really curious about her book since I'm a fan of her reality show.