Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hello 6:30am... nice to meet you

yep, today was day 1 of mine and hubby-dearests morning workouts! woohoo- i survived!!! (i'm not one of those worker-outer people... this is actually quite out of my comfort zone between the early mornings and the whole "gym" aspect--- but, i also see it as an opportunity to buy cute workout clothes, yay! see, there is always an upside)

why, you may ask? well... there are a multitude of reasons, but one of the "funner" ones is simply this:

my daddy, who is quite the stubborn mule at times, has been so impressive to us lately. he has made such a huge adjustment in his lifestyle for the better. its been so great to see him eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water... really just a complete 180 for him-- and he's doing wonderfully because of it. its actually allowed him to get off of some of his medications! its just truly incredible to see at 63 (sorry daddy for telling everyone) year old man do something huge and different, and who says old dogs cant learn new tricks! i'm so proud of you daddy! -- and mama has been so supportive, and helpful at keeping him on track, now she needs to go buy new pants, she looks fabulous!!!

reason 2: we don't have kids, therefore we have more time. no one in our home requires a 6am feeding or diaper change. plus, its always easier to do something with a buddy, and right now its just the two of us!

reason 3: we aren't getting any younger, and losing weight and getting healthy isn't getting any easier

reason 4: getting on a schedule. i'm much more productive on a schedule, so now working from home... its easy to fall into the "sweat pants and laying around watching hgtv" routine. i'm trying to avoid that!!!

reason 5: being able to entertain and eat guilt free. we love to cook, we love to go to eat with friends, we LOVE holidays, and we very much enjoy the social aspects of eating so much that being on a super strict diet doesn't allow, so we are doing our best when we are home, but still allowing ourselves to have delicious meals with friends and family, knowing that we are taking steps to stay healthy in the process.

....and many more healthy lifestyle reasons, sorry for the lack of pictures-- the blogger uploader was being weird, lame sauce. happy tuesday!


  1. This is awesome. I have to get up at 6:15 just to get ready for work. I wish I could workout in the morning, but it's so hard! I have to do it after work. :(

  2. Those are some great reasons to start working out! I commend you for doing it so early in the morning... hahaha

  3. Great post! We need to get back in the swing of wokring out too!!

  4. I had to laugh a little at the title since we get up at 5AM! But you get used to it. ;)

  5. Hi! I'm new! Your blog is so cute! Good luck with the early morning workouts!