Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm a advertising dream

okay, so lets face it... i'm easily intrigued about products. it is what it is, if its shiny call me a bird, i'm interested. i guess i'm just doing my part to keep advertising people in a job. needless to say, i try my best to stay away from late night info-mercials, because i think everything is just so fantastic and i'm temped to order it. no we do not need a juicer, or any workout machines. -- but dont you just think you could use them???

so, my latest curiosity...
yep, i heard a commercial for sensodyne iso-active toothpaste, apparently it foams when you brush.
yes yes, i bought it.
and my thoughts: at first i just liked the container, because its different.
then i started brushing, nothing exciting...
its like you have rabies out of nowhere.
its actually really really cool.
i like it.

i dont normally use sensodyne toothpaste, i usually pick a green one, but i figure it cant hurt, right??? anyway, i get a kick out of it starting out normal and then having a crazy foaming experience within 15 seconds. maybe i'm just easily amused, but hey... at least its a heathy expression.

so, if you're into teeth, give it a try...
otherwise feel free to make fun of me for getting excited over toothpaste!!!
happy friday to everyone,
we're having company this weekend, i'm super excited
i'll post pics monday!
{wreck 'em tech}


  1. Bahaha that's awesome! I hadn't heard of that toothpaste! What other TV ad stuff have you bought, tried, love/hated? that could make a great long post! :)

  2. I'm fascinated by the hair commercials. Like the InStyler or for that all natural shampoo/conditioner stuff, what's it call, Wen?