Tuesday, May 10, 2011

who's who of hair do's

do i ever get tired of hair? no, not at all. i love sitting online and looking at hair pics, or just browsing through magazines. its still just so much fun, even though its my job! but like everything, i do have my favorites
here are some thoughts:

blast from the past...
who didnt have this cut for at least a while?
jen is a fine wine, she gets better with age!
she always looks fab,
and i adore her color.

and again, the cut everyone had/has
(which i totally love, it works SO well on so many different people and face shapes, and it wears different on everyone, its just a good style)

i get lots of requests for this cut/style
although its cute,
 i always think it works better if its cut a little longer,
 this length has a tendency to flip in the back

i'm a huge fan of this cut

or this one from Sweet Home Alabama

which is just darling on her,
but i do love her hair long!

and while we are on haircuts made famous by a movie,
my all time favorite is:
Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail
i cant watch that movie without wanting to chop my hair off.

and she looks great with it long too!
Meg Ryan is so classy!

the person i think has ridiculous gorgeous
 hair and never gets any recognition for it:
Marishka Hargitay
she totally rocks pixie short hair
she rocks a bob
she rocks long hair.
i'm just sayin...
no one ever seems to notice, but she always looks so great,
 high five to her stylist (wardrobe and hair)

this list could go on and on,
but i'll save some for another time!
happy tuesday!


  1. I love Reese's hair. She wears many diff styles so well!

  2. I think Mariskas hair cut looks great she is a beautiful woman