Friday, January 7, 2011

going grey

once again, rather than taking down my Christmas decorations, i found something else to do.

except, this something-- well it is something i've been talking about doing for a while and was back and forth about a color.  a color for what you may ask? the green diamond accent wall in our living room. what to do?

ugh... brown or charcoal ?!?

here is the before:
(this was Christmas 2009)
when we moved in,
 we painted all the walls in the
living room/kitchen a neutral beige
{color: Nomadic Desert @ sherwin williams}

i got bored.
and did this:

i wanted a little pizazz!
just a little something to brighten up the room
and make a statement, the green wall was lovely!

but, i got bored.
so, yesterday i did this:
bye bye green wall, hellooooooooo grey!!!
{color: Falcon @ wal mart, colorplace}

i love it.
its kinda hard to explain, but i'll give it a shot.
grey is complicated, it always has an undertone
its either
1. blue
2. purple
3. green
or 4. brown
and i wanted a grey with a brown or green undertone,
and i think it came out great

in fact,
i decided this might be a good color for our master bathroom
so, i just went ahead and painted that too.
excuse the towels, the walls are still wet

originally i wanted our master bathroom to match our room,
{bedroom color: sidewalk grey @ wal mart, color place}
but then,
i thought maybe the bathroom should be black.
(insert husband giving you the "you must be crazy" look here)

i'm glad i stuck with grey,
its crazy how much darker the bathroom looks,
i'm really happy with it!

now, time to do new mantle decor,
and decorate the bathroom!
happy friday :)


  1. I love the grey! Looks great!

  2. It turned out great! I love grey as a prominent color.

  3. i am in all kinds of gray phases right now with our house. i'm actually going to buy paint today so this gives me inspiration! we decided to go with a super dark one tho...pencil point by behr. i'm also using an awesome ligh...spring melt by martha. love!