Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i promise to take the tree down by Valentine's Day

seriously, i hate that Christmas is over and it's now frowned upon to have a tree up... i'm just not over it yet. so instead of taking it down, i'm going to spend time blogging about all my favorite ornaments that i found... and maybe just one or two other lovely after-Christmas-sale finds...
so here we go, #1-3

apparently, i really like "WORD" ornaments.
haha, lame joke.... okay, moving right along

top left: yes yes, a snowflake hairstylist ornament, if you look very close you'll see the little tiny shears (we call our scissors shears because they cost more than your basic fiskars from wally world) on each point of the snowflake, really... super cute! thanks mama!
bottom right: yes, i still love "word" ornaments -- literally LOVE. haha... lame again!

this little cutie is from NOLA

this was a gift from a hospital chaplain in honor of my aunt Sherrie, who passed away from breast cancer this past october. i'll prob trade out the blue ribbon for a pink one, i think its very sweet.

i think this one is gorgeous!!!
i found it half price at a boutique
(the marketplace, at frisco square) 

and of course, a wedding ornament
my mama actually painted blonder highlights on the bride, and well... they just dont so much make bald grooms-- i think the ornament people should make more diverse looks on their wedding couples.

i love this precious little bird :)
and the hairdryer... with glitter?
so so so perfect,
why cant real hairdryers have glitter all over them?

and you cant go wrong with a chandelier ornament

hubby attached this one to one of my gifts, i thought it was really pretty

i won this at our sunday school Christmas party, pretty pretty!!!

and, last but certainly not least...

here are our lovely "old" stockings
and ...
here are the new ones that i had my eye on for 2 months and just couldnt bring myself to pay $45 each (even though i hear thats a good deal, it just seemed a bit much) so, when they went 1/2 price... i decided to go for it--- and here they are:

i just cant get over how stunning they are,
and... bigger than the old ones,

just because he is too cute for words,
my sweetie pie Coach

so, there you have it bloggy friends...
i'm avoiding taking the tree down, i'm enjoying every new ornament and my new stockings, and maybe perhaps... i'll take it down sometime this month.

doubt it.

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  1. I love all your ornaments and your stockings and your dog. And I too just took down my decorations at work. Haha!