Monday, January 24, 2011

a tribue to...


my oh my,
its been quite some time since i've done
"a tribute to" blog post

so, without further adieu
reasons why long sleeve t-shirts are great:
1. they're cozy
(as are schnitzel pants, but it's not their day)

2. they remind you of places/things you love
(college, sorority, vacations, etc...)

3. they're perfect for fall through spring
(wear with jeans when its cold, and shorts in the spring)

4. they get better over time
(as does wine, but again... wait your turn)

5. they go well with "comfy shoes"
with can include but is not limited to
-tennis shoes
-flip flops
-house shoes

really and truly, i LOVE long sleeve t-shirts, i wear them all the time.
you've got a little sleeve if you need it, or push it up if the weather plays warm.
so, cheers to long sleeve t-shirts,
because... why not?!?
happy monday!


  1. ya know...I've never really thought too much into it but I LOVE l/s tshirts too!! I especially prefer to wear mine with shorts in the springtime. Most of all I love wearing fiance's around the house. Nothing better than an oversize l/s tshirt right?!

  2. I love long sleeve t-shirts too, BUT I love even more that your photo is of a Texas Tech T-shirt :) I went there my freshman year of college and for many silly reasons ended up leaving to move back to Dallas---- but Tech will always be in my heart :)