Monday, January 10, 2011

decor inspiration from HJ

those of you that know me, know who HJ is, and those of you don't... HJ is my mama. those are her initials, and she is fabulous.

after a super brief trip home i snapped some pics of what she has done to her home recently, and i have to say... she has really gone for it and broken all the rules. i'm loving what they have done to the house, and i think you will too...

sry i don't have the before pics, it was beautiful... but the afters... they're downright gorgeous!!!
she did a beautiful crackle finish on their master bathroom cabinets, and then painted the walls black with metallic accents, and new granite! its so pretty
(my family does faux finishes,
so painting and refinishing things is
a normal part of our day-to-day lives,
 hence the many paint color changes in my home)

over the bathtub, so glam!

and then the guest bathroom collection of vintage hand mirrors

they're all so unique!

and how Mama does her Christmas mantle:
(she painted that phrase from
"the night before Christmas"
and added holly leaves to it,
it might have something to do with her name?!? just sayin...)

 this picture is dark and totally does not do the color justice,
its literally "granny smith apple" green... yes
in the kitchen!!!
its bright, fun, and a great color...
like nothing i've seen her do before,
and she does it so well

and, while she was on a painting kick,
she did the back entry and laundry room
presidential blue
(this is the room you vaguely see in the picture above)

it looks incredible, i don't know how you cant have fun in a kitchen/laundry room that is so stunning. isn't that what home is all about-- being surrounded by the things/colors that make you happy?!?

she is always doing something new and wonderful,
i love how bold and daring she is,
and how sweet daddy is to be on board
with whatever she wants.
their home is a place that people love to be,
my brother and i always had our
friends over growing up,
i think my parents started locking the front door
 after we moved out,
once people weren't constantly walking in --
they were so great to make a place that
we loved hanging out at,
and now they are doing some really great
 improvements that they deserve (and I LOVE)

long story short. i love my mom's style,
and i adore all the beautiful things she has done!
 kudos to you HJ!


  1. those pictures look like they're out of a magazine! i love the lighting over the bathtub, and the zebra curtains in the kitchen.

    also! gave you an award on my blog :) happy tuesday!

  2. Holy moly, it's all so gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh my goodness...the idea of the vintage mirrors is fabulous!! I'm in love