Monday, January 3, 2011

he's making a list, checking it twice

and apparently all those in my family were nothing but NICE!!!

here is a quick re-cap of our Christmas
my parents & brother came to the Big-D to do Christmas with us, i thought we had a ridiculous stack of presents before they arrived...
i love to wrap presents, i dont so much believe in using sacks unless its a last resort

thanks to Hobby Lobby for my super fabulous wrapping paper!!!
i do all black+white+silver+gold

and my super wonderful hubby used PINK tulle on all my presents, which he wrapped himself
he sure knows how to make a girl feel special ;)

and then, the parents arrive, and there was literally ZERO walking room.
yikes!!! but the good kind :)

We had incredible food, lots of laughs, and most of all we made memories that are much more important than any of the material things we give each other.
Here is our little family after we got home from the Christmas Eve Service at our church

I LOVE Coach's jingle bells Christmas collar :)

Coach loves his Mimi

and after setting cookies and milk out for Santa,
we all went to sleep and woke up to a room full of wonderful presents!!!
-we are so blessed-

and how cute are they
and Coach and his Uncle Alexander

of course, i managed to not get a pic of Drew and I on Christmas morning, but oh well.
it was lovely and I had a great time hosting my family,
everyone is invited again next year!!!


  1. Coach steals the camera lens in all your pictures what a cutie :) I LOVE that black and white wrap!! this year bec I was on a budget and in a hurry lol I did the bag wrap rather than boxes... :(

  2. Love your wrapping paper, so chic! I'm totally gonna try to find black and white paper next year.

    Also, this reminds me I forgot to set out cookies for Santa. :(