Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i died. and it was bananas.

do you ever just feel like if it werent socially unacceptable you would quite literally just spend all day every day in pj's or workout clothes?!? or have i lost my mind?

i'm just saying...

i'm not approving of those crazy pajama jeans you see in info-mercials, but i totally get where the inventer was coming from. pj clothes are just sooo comfy. i'm way too much of a denim-snob to wear those, but i will rock some sweat pants any day of the week.

in fact, in my family-- we have our own word for cozy pants. --schnitzel pants-- see, when my uncle lived in Germany, he always said when you eat too much schnitzel you need to wear streachy waistband pants, hence "schnitzel pants". and let me just say, i love me some schnitzel pants.

so, since i work from home and have a really flexible work schedule, i find myself in schnitzel pants quite often, stop judging. i was folding some laundry yesterday morning, about to get ready to head out for lunch with the girls, and it happened... i started convincing myself that its perfectly okay to wear schnitzel pants or workout clothes all the time, and they're just as cute.... and then BAM! she saved me...
i literally got inspired to take off my schnitzel pants and get cute for lunch while watching the Rachel Zoe Project... i just thought, she is so in love with fashion, and i adore cute clothes-- i should doll up. so i did, tunic, skinny jeans, and heels... i even had RZ messy waves!
what i wouldnt give for a shopping spree in her closet

i do wish she would put on some weight,
but her taste is impeccable.

and i have a theory that if she ever gave blood,
it would be 80% starbucks and 20% bananas!!! 
haha, lame joke.  
but hey... she is who she is.
thank you Rachel Zoe Project for inspiring me to get cute,
it made my whole day more glam!!!
happy wednesday.


  1. Oh my gosh those pajama jeans are just too much, ugh, terrible! But I live in lunge clothes on the weekend, I see nothing wrong with it!

  2. ha! I love Rachel Zoe! I would give anything just to see her closet and look at her pieces in person!

  3. Haha, I love your nickname for pj pants! I find myself in them way too often also :)

  4. I'm not gonna lie, I would maybe (big maybe) wear the pajama jeans to travel! Hahaha, other than that, no way!