Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Very Pink Holiday

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!! I always say "Valentine's Day is the 2nd pinkest holiday of the year, my birthday is first, of course" -- Andrew went out of his way to make this weekend lovely for me. Friday night he took me out to a very nice dinner at Maguires, it was insane delicious, they top their steaks with bleu cheese butter (tasty tasty) and then we watched movies, or well... i fell asleep watching a movie. Saturday, we went to a couple garage sales and tinkered around town a bit (i'm looking for furniture to refinish and paint up funky) and then... rewatched the movie i slept through and then The Time Travelers Wife (not too bad) all in all, a very good day! Today, we went to Sunday School @ FBC Frisco, there were 2 other couples in our class (its only the 2nd week they have met-- still new and growing) but we have really enjoyed the service, we really like the preacher!!! Then, since its Valentine's Day we let Coach up in our bed for nap time, my goodness he sure enjoyed being allowed in the big bed with us, although he twitches a bit and kept waking me up, not sure how often that is going to happen!
Then Andrew took me to get a manicure, and he got one too! He was pretty hesitant, but I think the paraphin wax won him over! We were pampered and had a really great weekend just getting to spend time together and enjoy our home and our sweet dog!

As far as i'm concerned, i'd decorate my whole entire house in all pink all year around, not just for V-day, but that really isnt gender friendly... so i kept it simple and just "pinked up" the kitchen nook. Nothing too fancy, just a little "pink day decor" enjoy, love to you all!

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