Friday, February 5, 2010

Whatever happened to .... Ford??!?!??

There once was a puppy named
Little Ford Diesel.
Who was just too rambunctious
to visit Verla and Cecil.

He was cuddly and charming,
truly cute as can be.
But cleaning up puddles and mudpies,
is just no fun for me.

When the cold weather hit,
to the garage the boys went.
Our darling Coach knew just what to expect out of the day,
we put his food and water out, and said "Sit and Stay"
But the little Diesel truck caused mischif that day,
chewing toys and boxes, even a bag of grout along the way.

When Andrew went to let the boys inside,
he became angry and wore a frown.
Because the wires on the garage door sensor had been chewed,
and it would NOT go down.

The mess was cleaned up and the wiring redone,
but the search for Ford's new home had promptly begun.

Less than a day was all it took,
love at first sight, they were totally hooked.
The couple was sweet, had another little dog too.
Now we happily say "Coach its just YOU!"

Our gentle giant is now an only child,
and we appreciate even more him being so calm and so mild.
Cheers to you Ford, may your new life be swell.
We are glad you moved on, and are done raising hell.

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