Monday, February 15, 2010

a tribute to.... my pink necessities

In honor of Valentine's Day--- i'm letting everyone into my bathroom to check out all the pink things i actually use in my everyday life! Now you might be thinking this pink obsession of mine has gone too far, perhaps... but its really not my fault. I blame my parents: Dad for putting pink ballons up all over the house when i was born, and Mama for always having a pink bow on my head, which caused the pink to seep into my brain and resulted in an obsession. So, here you have it: all my pink bathroom items, not included in this picture is my pink blowdryer, pink nano straightner, and pink Cricket (trimmer that i use to shape and groom Drew's beard) and last but not least pink towels. OHHH and i only wear perfume that comes in pink bottles, there were a few too many of those to add to the picture, maybe another time! Anyway, enjoy: from left to right: blush, mascara, pink toothpick, pink dove deodorant, pink hairclip, pink lip gloss, pink tweezers, pink baby lotion, pink hairspray, pink body splash, pink eyeshadow cream, pink brush, pink toothbrush, pink foaming soap, and pink round brush. Yep. If it comes in pink, i must have it in pink, no exceptions. Enjoy!!!

1 comment:

  1. And the pink phone of course!

    Have you seen the Pinkalicious book? Totally up your alley.