Saturday, February 27, 2010

new on etsy

Here is my latest creation, i got kinda inspired by the dictionary. No, I do not sit around reading the dictionary, i'm not that lame! Anyhoo-- I'm wanting to incorporate joy into my art, and into my life. I'm approaching my days as much as possible with the attitude of "blessed", not "entitled". It's not easy, but its certainly not going to hurt me to be a more positive person! So, spring is right around the corner (i know it is, it just has to be... right?) so its time for bright colors and happy artwork! I've added a few things to the etsy store, check it out at http://www.passionatelypink.etsy.com/ And, a little surprise from my sweet husband is arriving on Monday--- i'll give you a hint : its not a clock and its not pink.

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