Saturday, January 30, 2010

2nd meanest cat in lbk

thats right folks, once upon a time after a traumatic grooming experience, my mother was told never to bring Fluffy Jo Camp back to Resa's K9 salon unless she was sedated, because she is the ...drumroll please, SECOND MEANEST CAT IN LUBBOCK! My oh my! We all knew that Fluffer-doodle was a bit moody, didnt care for riding in the car, and in the event that another pet was brought home... she left for a week to make sure we knew that she disapproved-- but really, the second meanest??? I assume the first is that tiger that lives out on Indiana, but we never verified those facts. Anyway, turns out that she has a soft spot in her little heart-- not for Ford Diesel, who is no longer with us (not dead,-- but thats for another post) and well, she tolerates Coach, but really this soft spot is for the new little member of the family, Coco Picasso. Gasp!!! No worries friends, as of yet she has shown no agression to little Coco, but it could be just an undercover operation to get in behind enemy lines and have herself a gourmet meal when no one suspects it. I would expect it from her when she was 12, but at the ripe age of 18 her dental situation (teeth) are not what they once were, so Coco's life is probably safe..... but then there is always that issue with cats-- they're shady! So, here is the infamous Fluffy and her new colorful compadre Coco. And-- speaking of gourmet treats, little Coco has taken to the ways of his father and regularly partakes from the silver can we all know and love, yes, Coco drinks. Little Coco is on its way to being a full fledged diet dr. pepper a-holic. No judgement here, we all have our vices. Cheers Coco!

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