Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember this Holly Jo??? When we went on our girls cruise to Cozumel in November we paid some random guy $10 to take pictures with his parrots, who knew that Mama would be acquiring a baby parrot of her own in just a couple months. This is a very large version of Coco Picasso, but a colorful parrot nonetheless! Prophecy much?!? haha, anyway, mama got a new car yesterday and has bluetooth hooked up, and she calls me when she is driving home from school and i can hear little Coco chirping in his/her travel cage. very cute! So, lets all raise our glasses and toast to Coco-- maybe i could take him/her to the mall and charge $10 for the children to take pictures with him/her????? any takers? btw-- you have to do blood work to find out what sex the green cheeked conuers are, so thats why Coco is a him/her... we dont know- i'm not being hateful, i promise! cheers Coco!

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