Thursday, January 21, 2010

maybe in my next closet...

Oh how i would love to have a pink tufted sofa in my closet, i know that sounds completely unreasonable, but i just adore them. But i'm one of those people who truly adores her clothes and shoes, i have every intention of fully decorating my closet asap! I can tell you where i purchased every single dress, and where i wore it, and there is generally a story. I just have so many memories with my clothes and shoes, the closet is my little piece of heaven. So, cheers to my dreams for the future closet de la jacquelyn (thats french for something along the lines of "my closet" i believe, if not it sounds fancy)
Lovely arent they???
A girl can dream right?


  1. If only your closet was a little bit bigger they would both look fabulous in there!

    I vote you get one!

  2. Wow those are so gorgeous. I wish I could fill my whole house with that type of furniture.