Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wish List

I've come to realize that decorating to your taste and decorating with your lifestyle are TWO completely different things... in a perfect world my house would be done in head to toe black and white damask, and each room a different color. obviously, since i dont live alone in this lovely house, thats not how the decor happened. LOL. anyway, here are just a few things that at some point in time or another i would LOVE to have... or perhaps i just think they are cool and i would never really want them in my home. is it weird that i look at furniture and think "is this great dane friendly?" haha! love my Coach! enjoy!
#1 black walls, love them!
#2 this cute shelf from Hobby Lobby, i'm hoping this shows up for me for Valentine's Day!
#3 a wall full of bevelled glass antique mirrors, so far i have 2 -- and they're lovely!
#4 a pink stove, never going to happen but hey a girl can dream!!!


  1. You crack me up with the pink stove but I do love the first picture with the black walls!

  2. LOVE the black walls. I have been trying to convince Mike to let me do one accent wall in a black or brown damask. He's not interested :)