Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is lovely.

In addition to the "A tribute to..." posts in this blog, I'll be sharing pictures and ideas of "Things I Love" so here we go.

I keep a file on our computer of decorating ideas that i have, some that are reasonable and inspirational, others just interesting and i never plan on using. I ran across this picture online, i think its so great looking. I'm very non-symmertrical in my decorating taste, so this arrangement is right up my alley. And of course, it involves dishes, as much as you say you will never turn into your mother.... low and behold, I'm hanging dishes on my wall and my mother is oh so very proud, i'm sure! you like this dont you, Holly Jo??? so, little by little i'll be collecting funky plates to hang somewhere, not sure where yet... but hopefully it will look similar to this! (probably in a black and white color scheme, rather than pink-- andrew prefers the pink to be less dominant)

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